Inuman sessions are some of the many activities that numerous Filipinos enjoy with one another. After all, there’s nothing more worth enjoying than a night out in one of your friend’s houses with nothing but great alcoholic selections on the table, with the occasional snack or pulutan here and there. Plus, speaking of this, if there’s one standout among the many choices of alcohol on the table, it would be none other than the golden drink itself: Beer!

One of the alcohol’s most classic selections, beer is one of the greatest choices anyone can make for enjoyment! It’s always ready, it’s affordable, and above all, it tastes great (depending on who actually loves beer)! Nonetheless, beer can guarantee you a good night ahead with your friends. Thus, who better to trust to give you that very enjoyment than the folks at Alcoline?

Alcoline, with their wide array of selections with alcohol, can definitely guarantee you an even wider selection of beer than other names in the alcohol industry! With beers like Budweiser, Corona, Hoegaarden, Sapporo, and Stella Artois, you can never go wrong with the kind of beer you’re craving for!

As mentioned before, beer is one of the most sought-after alcoholic selections in any drinking session around the country. Not only is it always readily available in the market, it is also one of the best examples of alcoholic drinks that showcase a bunch of variety in their offerings. Here are some of the best things to consider about beer in general.

  • Beer Can Be Great with Any Snack or Pulutan on the Table
    Since inuman sessions are some of the best pastimes of every Filipino around, it’s great to note that beer is one of those drinks that go great with just about anything. Whether it be a plate full of deep-fried cuts, grilled pork, or a simple bag of chips, having a bottle or two of beer can be a great way to make the night as young as you want!
  • Beer Can Be Used as a Cooking Ingredient
    The world of cuisine can offer a variety of things. For this reason, various ingredients are to be used to achieve the taste you’re looking for. With that said, beer, like some alcoholic drinks, can actually be the best ingredient to use in cooking, particularly deep-frying. After all, ‘beer-battered’ everything is one of the best delicacies to ever make it on any menu there is!
  • Beer Can Come in Various Alcohol Percentages
    Of course, depending on the beer you want to drink, the one thing to note is that beer is one of those drinks that can come in different alcohol percentages, further widening your choices for ultimate drinking pleasure! Plus, with that much variety in just how strong the alcohol in your beer can be, there are more than enough opportunities for you and your friends to enjoy the night ahead!
  • Beer Can Come in Various Tastes/Flavors
    Speaking of variety, there’s definitely nothing wrong with wanting more with your alcohol — hence, the popularity of various flavors. Beer is one of the best examples of alcoholic drinks that can come in a variety of tastes or flavors, depending on what you’re looking for of course. Luckily, Alcoline can definitely deliver for you — looking for something a bit lighter in flavor? Alcoline’s definitely got it! Or you may fancy something that’s just the right amount of intense? Don’t worry! Alcoline’s definitely got it!

Why Beer?

Well, why not? Alcoholic jubilance aside, beer can be seen as the general drink for anyone to enjoy on any occasion! It’s a staple in most bars, on most drinking tables for the occasional inuman session, and pretty much on anyone’s hand when they crave for a drink!

There really is nothing like ordering beer by the bucket, or better yet by the case; there’s also nothing more satisfying than taking a sip of this drink after a particularly stressful day. Above all, there also really is nothing greater than being able to share this beverage with any of your closest friends and family! There’s just something about alcohol that can bring people together with every sip!

All in all, alcohol (beer in particular), can be one of the best examples of bonding with your family and friends. Every bottle, every can, or even every glass of beer can be great with the people you enjoy this brew with, as well as fellow beer-lovers everywhere. Looking for someone to trust in delivering this great selection of alcohol? Well, as established in the previous paragraphs, Alcoline is definitely your best bet! With a wide array of alcohol selections, Alcoline is sure to deliver for every drinker out there!

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