All about Ales and Lagers

All About Ales and Lagers

The Philippines has various alcoholic drinks to offer its people. It ranges from traditional beverages like tuba and lambanog, to more modern ones like bourbon, rum, tequila, and a mix and match of some of them (which people have coined as cocktails).

However, there’s one alcoholic drink Filipinos prefer more than anything—beer. You can say that it’s such a simple drink; but sometimes one ice-cold bottle of “simple” is all you need to complete your day, to celebrate an important occasion, or to mark a significant achievement in your life.

Though, it’s important to note that beer is not exactly just a simple drink. In fact, you cannot merely categorize it as one alcoholic drink, when there are two major types of beer.

Are you interested in getting to know them?

Well, you’ve come into the right place. Get to know them by reading all about them below:



These are the sweeter tasting beers. These types of beers can range from being pale gold all the way to a rich brown color. The color is dependent on the brewing process and the grains used.

Here are a few examples of Ale:

  • Amber Ale – This type of ale is dark in color and sweet in flavor. It gets its sweetness from the large amounts of malt in it.
  • Pale Ale – If you are looking for an easily drinkable beer, this is the type of ale for you. This type of ale is light in color, low in alcohol content, and full of malt.
  • Bitter – This is very close to pale ale but contains more hops, making it more aromatic and bitter.
  • Stouts – This is a type of dark ale that is set apart by its dark color and its rich and thick taste. This is a malt-free beer, which is well-known for having low alcohol content.
  • Porter – This type of beer is very close to what a stout is; it is a type of dark ale, which has higher alcohol content. This ale uses heavy roasted malt, which gives it a crisper taste.



During the beer’s fermentation process, the yeast settles in the bottom. This causes lagers to have a crisper and smoother flavor, which means they are more effervescent and lighter compared to ales.

Here are a few variants of lager:

  • Bock – This type of lager is lightly hoped, which causes it to have a much sweeter and stronger flavor.
  • Marzen – This lager has a dark and toasted flavor. Its color is quite dark. It can be classified as a full-bodied lager.
  • Dunkel – This type of lager is very unique in taste, with some of its variations tasting quite like chocolate or coffee. It is dark in color and its alcohol content is moderate.
  • Pale Lager –This is a type of lager that has strong malty taste. It is also very carbonated. You may drink a lot of this because it has low alcohol content, which won’t get you drunk right away.
  • Dopplebock – This drink is stronger than the typical lager. It is a full-bodied beer that has high alcohol content.


There are more types of beer out there. The few examples listed above are only some of them. They should give you an idea about what you are drinking the next time you head out for some night out! Enjoy and drink moderately!

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