5 Cocktail Recipes You Can Create at Home During the Quarantine

5 Cocktail Recipes You Can Create at Home Duringthe Quarantine

What are cocktail recipes you can create at home during the quarantine? Mimosa Classic Whiskey Sour Frozen Sangria Margaritas Beer Mojitos     During this time of a global pandemic, as social distancing and self-quarantine continue, you might be running out of ways to spend your time at home. What’s there to do while stuck indoors? […]

4 Ways to Maximize Your Time with Family During a Pandemic

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What are some activities you can do with your family during a pandemic? Mix cocktail drinks for the family Piña colada White Russian Margarita Hendrick’s gin and tonic Play drinking games King’s Cup Buzz Watch movies Cook a meal together In these unprecedented times, we need to not only be aware of the situation happening […]

A Guide to All the Different Types of Tequila


What are the different types of tequila? Blanco Joven Reposado Añejo Extra Añejo     Arguably, one of the most popular party drinks across the world is tequila. No wild night out would be complete without someone sprinkling and subsequently licking a dash of salt from the palm of their hands, swallowing a shot of the […]

4 Easy-to-Make Cocktails You Can Do with Luaco


What is Luaco and what are some tasty drinks you can make with it? Luaco is the first civet coffee cream liqueur in the world White Russian Luaco old fashioned Bushwacker Civets in the mist     Coffee and alcohol is a combination that most people are not familiar with because coffee and alcohol make for […]

Love Month: Finding the Best Chocolate Pairing for Your Wine Night


    If you thought that pairing wine with chocolate is not a thing, then you might need to think again because it is actually a fun and popular combination for many wine and chocolate enthusiasts alike. It is a combination that simply makes sense: both can be sweet, delectable, and are known to be aphrodisiacs […]

6 Different Alcoholic Punches You Can Serve at an Event


What are some of the best alcoholic punch recipes that are great for events? Packers punch Moscow mule punch White peach sangria Grapefruit vodka punch Liquid lust tequila punch Rainbow sangria     If you are looking for new ways to prepare, serve, and enjoy your favorite brand or type of alcohol, one option you can […]

A Short Guide to the Different Glasses used for Alcoholic Beverages


What are the different kinds of glassware used to serve alcoholic beverages? Beer glass Wine glass Snifter Coupe glass Martini glass Collins glass Rocks glass Shot glass     In the world of alcohol-drinking, one thing that doesn’t get enough attention is the glassware that people use to serve, drink, and enjoy the alcoholic beverages themselves. […]

6 Drinks to Help You Celebrate Chinese New Year

6 Drinks to Help You Celebrate Chinese New Year

What are some drinks that can help you celebrate Chinese New Year? Fortune Margarita Lychee Liqueur Martini Poppy Cocktail Mat The Rat Beer Bonus: Chinese New Year drinking games     Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and for many Filipinos, celebrating it is a given. In the Chinese language, their term for the […]

Blue Drinks to Celebrate Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year


What are some blue-colored alcoholic drinks that can commemorate the 2020 color of the year? Royal Blue Cocktail Blue Lagoon Blue on Blue Blue Margarita The Blue Danube Liquor with a blue label or bottle     Colors are not the first thing one would associate with alcoholic beverages, but thanks to the new year and […]

Alcoholic Drinks to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


What are some alcoholic drinks that can help you keep your new year’s resolutions? Resolution: save money Resolution: eat healthier Resolution: reduce stress Resolution: learn a new skill Resolution: spend more time with family   2019 is almost over and while this year has been surely filled with memorable moments, looking towards the new year […]