The 2 Best Wine Brands for Wedding Gifts

The 2 Best Wine Brands for Wedding Gifts

A big part of a wedding is when the bride and groom sift through the gifts that they’ve received from friends and family. This is a special moment for them because it is also the first time that they open their gifts as husband and wife.

Most people would opt to give them housewares and other household items that they can use, but what they forget is that wines are also something that most newlyweds would love. In the Philippines, wines and spirits vary in taste and number, which makes it harder for you to choose the perfect wine to give!

But don’t worry because here are two of the best wines that you can give as a gift for your newly-wed friends and families—which they can enjoy on their first night as husband and wife!

Wolf Blass Black Label wine Image from: Design Code Black

Wolf Blass

Established in 1966, the Wolf Blass winery has won over 8,000 trophies and medals through their continuous pursuit of providing top quality wine to their customers. From their humble beginnings as a small winery in a shed, it has become one of the world’s most successful winemakers. They pride themselves through their continuous use of the traditional way to produce wine while also incorporating modern techniques to achieve that vintage but elegant quality of wine.

The most coveted product of the Wolf Blass brand is their Black Label wine. This specific wine has won the famous Jimmy Watson award—not one, not two, but four times! This only goes to show the quality that Wolf Blass produces with their wine. So, if you’re looking for wine that is quality-assured and you want the newly-weds to remember your gift, you can give them the Wolf Blass’ Black Label!

Wyndham Estate Black Cluster wine Image from: Drink Big Apple

Wyndham Estate

Wyndham Estate was established in 1828, one year after its founder, George Wyndham, arrived in Australia and built one of the very first vineyards in the country. During the 1982 International Wine and Spirit competition in England, Wyndham Estate collected numerous awards and medals—Specifically, four gold medals, seven silvers, and two bronzes for their top-notch wine.

In 2008, after being purchased by Pernot Ricard winemakers, Wyndham Estates changed their name into George Wyndham to commemorate and memorialize the person who established the winery.

The wine that George Wyndham winery takes pride in is their Black Cluster wine. This is a Shiraz wine that is often called the pinnacle of Wyndham Estate winemaking. During the process of fermentation, the wine is maintained between 20 and 28 degrees to ensure that tannin and color from the grape skins. After fermentation, the product is pressed into old American and French barrels for maturation. Each barrel is constantly put through rigorous taste tests to determine which of them are up to the quality of the George Wyndham winery.

Surely, this is a wedding gift that every couple will love. They will ask you where you got it because of the intricate taste that this wine has as well as the joyful experience it brings to the drinkers.

 Wine Toast

Wine is best enjoyed with the one you love over a candlelit dinner, so you can help the newlyweds drink something exquisite on their special night! You should always remember these two wine brands that will help you step-up your wine game and be able to help your friends discover top-notch wines!

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