Liquor of the Month: Brandy and All You Need to Know About it

Liquor of the Month: Brandy and All You Need to Know About it

What are some fun facts about Brandy?

  1. There are 2 kinds of brandy: Armagnac and Cognac
  2. Different kinds of initials mean different ages for the brandy
  3. Brandy is extremely customizable


    Brandy is one of the finest liquors in the Philippines. Not only is it easily available in the market, but it also tastes heavenly. Its flavor, which is both light and crisp, is what most people are craving, particularly after the holidays—since everyone already had their fill of alcohol.

    This January, join us in celebrating this quality liquor. Filipinos, after all, are well-known for their celebrations and for being particular with their alcoholic drink. For everyone, who is already quite taken with brandy, you’ll definitely have fun adding it on the menu on your tagay nights. But for those who are not very familiar with it, you don’t have to worry because we are here to share some fun information regarding this drink. See below!

There are Different Kinds of Brandy

There are Different Kinds of Brandy

    Nothing says ‘quality liquor’ than brandy, especially when you’re talking about some of the finest liquors in the Philippines. Not only is brandy the drink you want to have when you’re feeling the ‘gentleman’ kind of vibe and just want to sit on your favorite leather chair with a glass in one hand and a cigar in the other, this is also one of the drinks that has variety to it, which includes:

  • Armagnac

    This kind of brandy is known exclusively as the first of its kind to be produced in France, which is the origin of brandy as a whole.

    It was introduced 700 years before Cognac (which is the next item on this list). Armagnac is the first to entertain alcohol-lovers of that era. In its heyday, it was produced in the picturesque village of France it was named after. It used at least 10 varieties of grapes to make it in the beverage we all know and love!

    Apart from that, Armagnac only needs to be distilled once to make its aroma more fragrant and its flavor tastier with every sip you take.

  • Cognac

    After Armagnac was introduced, Cognac entered the picture with a more pronounced flavor and distinct aroma. Double-distilled and twice the fermentation process, Cognac has since become a staple in the brandy game and has become one of the finest liquor to ever set-foot into this world. Even fine liquors from the Philippines can consider this to be among their ranks.

There are Different Markings on Brandy Bottles

There are Different Markings on Brandy Bottles

    If you’ve noticed, there are several markings or initials labeled on numerous brandy bottles. Their purpose is definitely one you need to know. For alcohol-lovers, preference is a huge factor to consider in the game—and when it comes to choosing what brandy to buy for your latest drinking session with your closest friends, knowing these initials are all the more important.

    Keep in mind that different initials yield different ages for brandy. Here are the initials you need to remember when it comes to this:

  • AC – aged at least two years in wood.
  • VS/VSP (Very Special; Very Special Pale) – aged at least 3 years in wood.
  • VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) – aged at least 5 years in wood.
  • XO (Extra Old) – aged at least 6 or more years in wood.
  • Hors d’Age – age can reach up to 100 years.

Brandy is One of the Most Customizable Drinks in the Menu

Brandy is One of the Most Customizable Drinks in the Menu

    While brandy can be enjoyed on its own (whether it be neat or on the rocks), it can also be mixed with other drinks and/or ingredients to make something extraordinary. In fact, there are numerous cocktail recipes that can suit your fancy.

    Cocktails such as the Brandy Alexander, Sidecar, and even the Metropolitan are something that can be made with much gusto, just prepare the ingredients beforehand so you won’t have any issue making them. All in all, these drinks could easily elevate your nights with friends—whether you are going to spend them in a stylish bar or have them in the comfort of your own homes.


Key Takeaway

    Brandy is certainly an interesting drink to start off the New Year with. But, honestly, there is no better liquor to begin 2018 with. So, what are you waiting for—let’s raise our glasses altogether enjoy this high quality drink!

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