An In-Depth Look at Gin and Favorite Local Mixes

An In Depth Look At Gin And Favorite Local Mixes

What’s so interesting about gin?

  1. Gin’s origin
  2. Gin was not made to be taken alone
  3. Gin is flavored vodka
  4. The Philippines is the leader of gin consumption
  5. Popular mixes

From simple mixes to luxurious cocktails, gin is one of the most widely celebrated drinks all across the globe.  Alcohol distributors all over the world have recorded gin to be the most sold in the liquor market. From its humble origins to becoming an all-time favorite for many, let’s take a look at the brief history of gin and a few local Filipino favorites!

Gin’s Origin

Gin's Origin

In the 16th century, the Belgians started producing Genever. A spirit they used for medical purposes. Genever was distilled using malt as a base, along with a great number of juniper berries. By the 17th century, the Dutch have absorbed Genever into their commerce system and began shipping it around the world. In Amsterdam alone, it was known that there were around 400 distilleries. During this period, Genever was still consumed for its medical properties and not for recreation and leisure.

During the Thirty Years War, British soldiers fighting on Dutch land have discovered the medical spirit and brought it back to England. Upon landing on British soil, it was an instant hit. People in London then started making their own version of Genever, which is now popularly known as gin.

Gin was Not Made to be Taken Alone

An In Depth Look At Gin And Favorite Local Mixes

Many liquor drinks today can be consumed as a standalone liquid. You can drink tequila and other mescal drinks as shots. Vodka can be taken chilled or on the rocks and typically paired with food. Whiskey, rye, and bourbon are consumed with a splash of water and in other places, on the rocks. Gin, on the other hand, isn’t meant to be taken as a shot, diluted with water, or on the rocks, it’s truly meant to be a liquor ingredient to be mixed. There’s a reason why so many cocktails or most cocktails are gin-infused. In fact, there are more classic cocktails that are made with gin than any other liquor or spirit.

Gin is Flavored Vodka

Gin Is Flavored Vodka

The production of gin and vodka are nearly identical. The main difference between the two is that gin is distilled with botanicals. The process of crafting gin is like producing flavored vodka or flavoring vodka, except with natural botanicals. Typically, gin is distilled with juniper berries, citrus peel, almond, cinnamon, coriander, or licorice. The right balance of botanical flavors is vital to create quality gin.

The Philippines is the Leader of Gin Consumption

The Philippines Is The Leader Of Gin Consumption

Around 60 million cases of gin are being sold around the world. It would be easy to expect where a huge portion of this would be consumed by the British population since it is considered their national drink. But it comes as a surprise that this isn’t the case. Nearly half of the global sale of gin is consumed by the Philippines. The Philippines is home to numerous alcohol distributors such as Alcoline. Most of which produce and supply quality, world standard drinks.

Popular Gin Mixes

Popular Mixes

Gin Martini

Undoubtedly, the gin martini is the most famous cocktail in the world. It’s one of the drinks that everyone should try. It’s simple and classy, the flavor of gin martini is easy for anyone to love. It is a true classic in the world of liquor. Gin martini mainly consists of gin and vermouth, when you start familiarizing yourself with its taste, you can easily adjust the ratio of gin to vermouth and adjust its flavor based on your preference.

In the Philippines, gin enthusiasts have varying preferences and twist the recipe in a number of ways to suit their taste. These customized variants of gin martini have spurred an endless debate of what a proper gin martini is. But nevertheless, the only correct answer to this debate truly depends on how you enjoy yours.


The Gimlet is a classic gin cocktail which is popular in bars across the country. Sours have been a favorite for many liquor drinkers. The Gimlet is one of the best drinks to start with when you want to appreciate sours or gin in cocktails. The sweet taste of the Gimlet attracts many people towards it.

The simple recipe of the Gimlet consists of gin lime cordial and is typically garnished with a slice of a lime wedge. Like many gin-based liquors, you can easily play around with the recipe and adjust the ratio of gin to lime. It’s one of the greatest introductions to sours.

Monkey Gland

Another classic sour cocktail, the Monkey Gland is a gin cocktail that is easy to fall in love with and can become an instant favorite, even for first-time liquor drinkers. Its sweet and sour taste adds a great balance to the kick of gin. But crafting your own Monkey Gland may be tricky when you’re trying to get that balance of flavors.

What makes the Monkey Gland an interesting drink for many is the dash of absinthe as an ingredient. It is what sets it apart from its other sour cocktail cousins. It’s among the great sour mixes that offer a slight kick alongside its wonderful flavor.


A classic among Filipinos and a go-to drink for many locals. It’s simple to make and its modest flavor will instantly make it a favorite. The fact that it’s easy to make is a reason why many Filipinos love it. If you need to prepare a cocktail for a party with not much time, you could just go to a convenience store and buy its ingredients. The GinPom consists of gin, powdered pomelo juice, water, and a lot of ice.

Typically made in a pitcher, many Filipino families celebrate joyous events with this classic Filipino cocktail. It’s refreshing, delicious, and simple. Nothing captures the spirit of homemade cocktails in the Philippines other than GinPom.

Corpse Reviver

An interesting and sometimes intimidating name for a cocktail, the Corpse Reviver comes in two different forms; one makes use of brandy the other uses gin. We’ll be talking about the latter. The Corpse Reviver got its name from its ability to wake up the wasted. This drink is perfect for those who have had too many drinks the previous night (or day) before. Many people have claimed to have snapped out of their hangover and have kick-started themselves back into reality.

Similar to the Monkey Gland which was previously mentioned, the Corpse Reviver has a dash of absinthe as a part of its ingredients and is made with gin, wine, orange, and lemon juice. It’s the perfect combination of fruity hand herbal taste due to the absinthe.


The Negroni is said to be the pinnacle of dinner cocktails. Known for its bitter taste, the Negroni is a popular drink among gin enthusiasts and it may be an acquired taste for many due to its bitterness. It’s the perfect appetite stimulant due to its versatile taste. The Negroni is known to be best paired with pizza, pasta, and risotto.

The combination of gin, sweet vermouth, and bitters, will make you enjoy your meal dishes more as it helps amplify its flavors. This classic cocktail is refreshing and fragrant. True gin enthusiasts will always hold this drink high as one of the best gin cocktails in the Philippines and the world.

Key Takeaway

Gin is among the world’s most famous drinks. It’s not difficult to come across some delighting and flavorful gin cocktails wherever you go. If you want to craft your own gin mix or any of these, you can click here to check out Alcoline’s products for the best gin and many other liqueurs!

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