DIY Christmas Decorations Made from Liquor Bottles

DIY Christmas Decorations Made from Liquor Bottles

What are some great DIY Christmas decor projects that can be made using liquor bottles?

  1. Bottle Lights
  2. Candy Cane Bottle Vases
  3. Message Bottles
  4. Santa Bottles


    Since the -ber months are now underway, the Christmas season has officially started. Various holiday promos are now popping up everywhere, encouraging everyone to start shopping for presents. Discount tags will also be seen hanging on items people usually gift to their friends and family; these would likely include clothes, accessories, gadgets, trinkets, and liquors from the Philippines.

    Admittedly, the coming months will be difficult for you to save some cash. You will not only have to buy presents, but also shop for decors to show your jolly spirit. But worry not! There are some ways for you to avoid spending so much on your decorations; you can DIY them!

    If you have some empty liquor bottles around, you can utilize them and turn them into something new. Continue reading below to find out more.


Bottle Lights

    Christmas is not the same without some pretty lights. Thankfully, you can take care of this with some bottle lights. All you need to do is follow these instructions:

  • Grab some bottles (they could be wine or beer bottles).
  • Get some Christmas lights.
  • Measure your lights so you won’t have to worry about wires tangling at the tip and wires being too short or too long for the bottle.
  • Stuff the lights inside the bottles.

Candy Cane Bottle Vases

Candy Cane Bottle Vases

    Candy cane is the official Christmas confection. They are also really nice to look at and hang on your Christmas tree. However, this is not the best idea to do when the holidays are still months away. As an alternative, you can display DIY candy cane bottle vases instead.

    To create them, here are the things you need to do:

  • Cover your bottles in white paint.
  • Add the red stripes once the white paint dries.
  • Add some glitters to make the bottles sparkle. You can use white, silver, gold, dark red glitters.
  • Spray the bottles with varnish to make sure the paint doesn’t chip away.
  • Place them around the house (or around your tree) and put some flowers to make them even more festive.

Message Bottles

Message Bottles

    Message bottles are another DIY idea to try for the holidays. Nothing says holiday cheer than being able to spread the word of Christmas to jolly ole’ friends!

    Making them is really easy. Just follow these instructions:

  • Paint the bottles with a Christmas color (white, green, red, silver, or gold).
  • Add the glitters once the paint dries. Then, spray with varnish.
  • Write your messages in a bold and cheerful font!

Santa Bottles

Santa Bottles

    Your Christmas décor cannot be complete without Santa Claus!

    For this DIY project, you will have to paint the beloved face of St. Nick on the bottles. But, of course, you can add some things to put your own twist on the project. For the instructions, check these out:

  • Paint your bottles white. Once the paint dries, you can start painting Santa Clause starting from his hat, his red robes, and then end with his face.
  • If you prefer, you can add glitters, mistletoes, sequins, and others of the sort. Spray the bottle with varnish once you’re done decorating.

    Painting Santa Clause can be a bit difficult. Another option that you can try is a snowman, which could be a bit easier to do. If you’re a creative soul, then you can always do them both—and even add some reindeer to the mix.


Key Takeaway

    Save some cash by taking on these DIY Christmas décor projects!

    Start making them so you can display them as soon as possible; take advantage of the long Christmas season in the Philippines. Be sure to also start your shopping early to avoid the rush later on. For all your liquor needs, you can get them here.

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