Do’s and Don’ts for This Year’s Oktoberfest

Dos and Donts for This Years Oktoberfest

What are some of the Do’s and Don’ts for this year’s Oktoberfest?


1. Try different kinds of beers
2. Socialize
3. Practice moderation in practice


1. Ask for other drinks
2. Pick a fight
3. Make a scene

Wines and spirits in the Philippines have always been some of the many things people seem to marvel at. In fact, Filipino alcohol such as lambanog is one of the many sought-after alcoholic beverages because of its intensity in flavor and authenticity in origin. However, one of the best choices for alcohol in the Philippines is none other than a drink of beer, which is perfect this month since it is officially Oktoberfest 2017!

This festival is being regarded as the world’s largest when it comes to beer, especially in countries like Germany and the Philippines. Though it may be massive in scale, there’re always certain things that can be done, and vice versa, to ensure everyone enjoys the festival to the fullest. If you’re looking to enjoy an awesome, beer-filled weekend, here are some do’s and don’ts for this year’s Oktoberfest:

Do: Try Different Kinds of Beer

Do: Try Different Kinds of Beer

There are different kinds of beers in the world of wines and spirits, especially in the Philippines. Aside from sticking to the kind of beer you’re comfortable with, why not give other varieties a try? It is a beer festival, after all.

The beer Filipinos usually drink is known as lager, which showcases the signature golden color people know and love. When it comes to Oktoberfest, there are numerous kinds of beers for you to drink and enjoy – namely ale, stout, porter, and wheat beer. With that much variety for you to enjoy, what’s stopping you from going all out?

Do: Socialize

Do: Socialize

One of the best things about festivals like this is being able to meet and make new friends over a couple bottles of beers. With free-flowing alcohol, good music, and a lot more others to look forward to, meeting new people is one of the greatest activities you’ll ever do at a festival like this.

When it comes to socializing with other people during Oktoberfest, make sure to just be yourself and let your beers do the talking. Feel free to laugh at every joke and marvel at the similarities you may have with the other person.

Do: Practice Moderation in Drinking

Do: Practice Moderation in Drinking

Though a festival like this is filled with a lot of alcohol and good times ahead, it’s best enjoyed if one is of proper state of mind, meaning that proper moderation in drinking is a definite must.

Drinking with your friends is a fun thing to do, no doubt about it; but when it comes to drinking, it’s always important to know your limits since beer is still alcoholic in nature. If you’re feeling too much of the buzz, then it’s about time to put your bottle/mug down.

Don't: Ask for Different Drinks (Aside from Beer)

Don’t: Ask for Different Drinks (Aside from Beer)

Sure, wines and spirits, especially from the Philippines, are fun to enjoy; but asking for other drinks in a festival exclusively dedicated to beer is a big no-no. Why? Because Oktoberfest is all about BEER!

In Germany, there is actually a certain law wherein beverages to be served at the festival must only be the products from the different breweries in Munich. With that being said, you definitely won’t find any vodka or tequila in Oktoberfest.

Don't: Pick a Fight

Don’t: Pick a Fight

This is definitely something that should not be done at all costs! It kills the vibe and can cause a lot of mayhem in the premises, which can often result in more fights.

In order to avoid this, refrain from treacherous topics that may result into a fight; these include subjects about politics and religion. Apart from that, remember to drink moderately to prevent altercations from happening.

Don't: Make a Scene

Don’t: Make a Scene

Beer is one of the most sought-after alcoholic beverages on everyone’s menu, especially when it comes to Oktoberfest. Essentially, drinking this golden beverage can make anyone happy. But again, too much of it can make people feel disoriented, which later on may cause a scene.

The best course of action for you to take is to simply know your limit and ask your friends to take care of you once you’ve reached it.

Key Takeaway

Beer, together with other wines and spirits from the Philippines, is one of the best alcoholic options for one to enjoy. When it comes to this golden beverage, the Oktoberfest is definitely the festival for you. With that being said, these do’s and don’ts should help you commemorate this event as well as ensure that you have a good time for the entire celebration.

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