Drinking Traditions for the Chinese New Year

Drinking Traditions for the Chinese New Year

What are some drinking traditions for the Chinese New Year?

1. Drink the right drinks
2. Have a feast
3. Drink with your family
4. Try out new drinks


    Chinese New Year—one of the most awaited and delighted holidays in Asian countries, including the Philippines. If there’s one thing that really makes this holiday all the more memorable and worthwhile with friends and family, it would be none other than the finest liquor in the Philippines. The finest bar drinks and more will surely spell a good time ahead for you, your friends, and your family. For sure, all of you will get to have some pure indulgence and enjoyment in time for this year’s Chinese New Year; and, of course, when it comes to a holiday like this, there is definitely going to be a fair number of traditions to be followed!

    Drinking traditions can surely guarantee a sense of unity and harmony amongst family members, especially when fine Philippine liquor is on the center of the drinking table. Want to know just what drinking traditions to follow during Chinese New Year? Read all about it below.

Drink the Right Drinks

Drink the Right Drinks

    The first drink you’ll think of when one mentions the upcoming Chinese New Year is tea. However, you don’t have to limit yourself drinking herbal teas in order to ensure you have a prosperous New Year. You could venture out and have some cocktails or spirits that you will surely enjoy as you ring in the Year of the Dog.

    To give you a few examples, we listed down the cocktails you might want to be sipping on Chinese New Year.


  • Jade Cocktails

    To create this concoction, mix Angostura bitters, lime juice, Curacao, and Midori. Put them in a shaker and shake until you see the outside being frosty. Afterwards, strain the mixture into a flute glass. Finish it off by pouring in chilled champagne and by placing a slice of lime as garnish.

    This drink resembles the Jade stone, which symbolizes purity, wisdom, justice, loyalty, and sincerity in the Chinese culture.

  • Green Dragon

    Combine all these ingredients (1 ½ ounce gin, ½ ounce Kummel, ½ ounce green crème de menthe, and 4 dashes of orange bitters) in a shaker filled with ice. Shake it well and then strain it into a cocktail glass.


    This will for sure remind you of the tea you like to drink because of the herbal notes it has.

  • China Blue

    Get a Collins glass and fill it with ice. Pour in 4 ounces of white grapefruit juice, ¾ ounce of lychee, and 1 ¼ ounces of blue curacao. Stir the mixture gently—be careful not to shake it. Finish it off by garnishing it with cherry or a lime wedge.

    In Feng Shui, the color blue signifies relaxation, healing, and calm. This drink is perfect for those who plan to have a pretty chill 2018.

Drink with a Feast

Drink with a Feast

    Of course, celebrating the Chinese New Year will not be complete without you having a great feast! Make this extra special by inviting all the important people in your life—so you can start the New Year right!

    For this, it would be great if you serve foods that are considered to be good luck. A few examples of these are dumplings, spring rolls, Tangyuan (sweet rice balls), fish, good fortune fruit, and longevity noodles.

    Don’t they make your mouth water?

Try Out New Drinks

Try Out New Drinks

    Trying out new drinks is always fun; but this is especially true if you do during a momentous occasion—such as during the Chinese New Year!

    The aforementioned drinks are the perfect candidates for you to savor. Just be careful not to go overboard; you don’t want to have a killer headache once all the celebrations are done!

 Drink with Family

Drink with Family

    The New Year is definitely a time that should be spent with your family. So, go ahead and invite all your uncles, aunts, and cousins. All of you deserve some amazing time off this Chinese New Year.

    Once you consume your feast, you can relax and have some drinks to tell some great stories with one another.


Key Takeaway

    When it comes to celebrating Chinese New Year, it’s important to stick to certain traditions. However, this does not mean you can’t try out some new things—new things that will make the occasion even more memorable; and don’t forget to call your family and friends so all of you get to have a perfect day, overall.

    Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

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