How to Enjoy Alcoholic Drinks in the Rainy Season

How to Enjoy Alcoholic Drinks in the Rainy Season

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How to Enjoy Alcoholic Drinks During the Rainy Season?

1. Stay inside and watch a movie while sipping a glass of ice-cold beer or a glass of wine.

2. Gather your friends in your home and plan a game nights. Play Drinking Monopoly!

3. Read a good book with a steaming cup of Irish coffee.


    Everyone loves to drink! If you ask any adult around, you’ll find out that they enjoy alcohol for the strengthening of bonds that they have with their friends and the thrill it can give them for the highest level of fun; of course, this is done while practicing proper moderation.

    Beer, brandy, tequila, gin, wines, and other spirits in the Philippines are just some of the staple beverages for people to enjoy. It really depends on people’s taste and the mood set by various factors – which include the weather.

    The weather is a great indicator on how a certain day will turn out. This especially applies to your drinking sessions. For example, during a hot day, it is natural for anyone to want to reach for chill and cool fruity drinks, so they can quench their thirst. On the other hand, when the weather is cool and rainy, people tend to go for something that can warm their bodies immediately.

    Now that the weather in the country is slowly changing from hot to rainy, people should start discussing ways on how they can easily enjoy alcoholic drinks. Here are some suggestions:

 Watch a Movie

Watch a Movie

    Nowadays, the power of streaming is unlimited and incomparable. Within minutes, people can go to their favorite streaming site, grab a bowl of popcorn, and start watching. If ever you find yourself wishing for a twist for this routine, why not add a bit of alcohol in the mix?

    The perfect match of food and beverage is one of the things that can complete a movie marathon. Doing this can simply heighten one’s viewing experience. You can grab a bottle of your favorite, either wine or beer (or both), and pour yourself a glass. It’s completely up to you if you want to put in a couple of ice cubes in your glass (if you’re going to drink beer). Otherwise, you can drink them in room temperature, which is also perfect during the rainy season.

 Game Nights

Game Nights

    If there’s one thing that the rain will never interrupt, it’s none other than indoor activities. You can pretty much do anything in the comfort of your own homes as the rain pours outside, especially hold a gathering with your circle of friends. All of you could participate in an old-fashioned game night.

    The fun in doing this is that you have the option to play whatever game comes into your minds, though it would be a great idea to have a selection of board games for you to choose from. All of you can opt to have a good clean fun or involve some alcoholic drinks into your game. For instance, you can turn an innocent game of Monopoly into Drinking Monopoly.

    If you guys are not into board games, you can set up your game consoles to play video games all day long. You won’t even hesitate to drink a few cans of beer while enjoying yourselves. Or if you are the fancy types, then go ahead and grab that tequila bottle you’ve been saving for some special occasion. It will surely warm your insides, while the cool rain keeps falling outside your house.

 Reading a Good Book

Reading a Good Book

    The rainy season is perfect for catching up on your reading list. You can finally read that novel you’ve wanted to get to but could not because of the sudden influx of summer activities you wanted to take part of. If you prefer, you can even build a cozy reading nook to further inspire you.

    Admittedly, having the rainy weather can also get you really sleepy since its soothing sound can easily become your lullaby. To avoid this, get yourself a cup of warm coffee, and to make things more fun, you can spike it with your favorite alcoholic drink. This is the perfect time for you to experiment. Here is an easy-to-follow Irish coffee recipe to get you started. You might not want to get overboard with your alcohol intake though, because too much could get you really drowsy.

Key Takeaway

    Don’t let the wet season get you down. Follow these tips listed above and you shall have a grand time during the rainy and cold days, which will surely come in the following months.

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