Filipino Alcoholic Drinks to Try

Filipino Alcoholic Drinks To Try

What are the best Filipino alcoholic drinks to try?

  1. GinPom
  2. Halo-Halo Cocktail
  3. Manila Twilight
  4. Strawberry Wine
  5. Dragon Fruit Wine
  6. LUACO
  7. Palawan Wit
  8. Manille Liqueur de Calamansi
  9. Mestiza
  10. Kagatan
  11. Ginakolait
  12. Amadeo Coffee Liquor
  13. Don Papa Rum
  14. Mandirigma
  15. Weng-Weng

In the Philippines, whenever there is a celebration, there’s alcohol. What’s interesting are the various Filipino alcoholic drinks that you may find. Many of these are unique to the country. With a wide variety of drinks that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, you should try at least one of these drinks on the list. Here are 15 Filipino alcoholic drinks that you need to try!

  1. GinPom


A true Filipino classic cocktail, GinPom is the go-to drink of many Filipinos from all walks of life. You can most probably find this drink wherever you go – in a bar, at house parties, or even in a club. This Filipino cocktail can be found anywhere. What’s great about this drink is that it’s easy to make. All you need to make GinPom are pomelo juice powder, water, ice, and your favorite gin.

  1. Halo-Halo Cocktail

Halo Halo Cocktail

Halo-halo is a famous Filipino dessert which means “mix-mix”. If you’re an avid liquor enthusiast, then you’ll definitely love the cocktail version of one of the country’s most beloved dessert. Similar to the dessert, the halo-halo cocktail makes use of similar ingredients such as purple yam, beans, assorted jellies, jackfruit, and condensed milk.

The difference between the dessert and cocktail is that the latter makes use of liquor. The alcohol used in the halo-halo cocktail could vary; you can add gin, vodka, or LUACO. It’s a fun way to enjoy one of the Philippine’s most popular desserts with a slight kick.

  1. Manila Twilight

Manila Twilight

If you’re looking for one of the most refreshing drinks to make in your own home (or house party), then the Manila Twilight will be the drink to craft. Made out of pineapple juice, mango juice, orange juice, and rum, this drink will be an instant favorite.

It’s a great drink to enjoy the night with friends. This is a drink that you shouldn’t miss out on. The invigorating flavor will have you wanting more. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy white or dark rum. To add a bit of presentation to your Manila Twilight, you can garnish it with lemongrass or a slice of pineapple.

  1. Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine

This drink is a popular and high-quality liquor made in the city of Baguio. Though wine is famous for being made out of grapes, this specialty liquor is a top commodity in the Philippines, as strawberries are known to thrive in Baguio.

Baguio city is known for fresh strawberries and cool climate. Filipino strawberry winemakers get a chance to show off their skills as their uncanny fruit of choice can produce one of the best wines in the country, and possibly, the world. When you get the chance to visit Baguio city, you shouldn’t miss this delight.

  1. Dragon Fruit Wine

Dragon Fruit Wine

Another unusual fruit to make wine, Ilocos is known to produce liquor made from dragon fruit. This wine is popular for its sweet, fruity, and refreshing taste. It’s one of the many prides of Ilocos and is considered one of the best Filipino alcoholic drinks. Most people would want to observe how much glasses (or bottles) they have had; as the dragon fruit wine’s sweet flavor tends to mask the taste of alcohol. Unknowingly, you may have had much more than you can take.

  1. LUACO


A perfect drink to enjoy as a dessert or simply on its own, LUACO is a Philippine-made coffee liquor of the highest quality. It’s renowned for its smoothness and perfect balance between alcohol and coffee. Its pleasant aroma and zero trace of bitterness is a testament to its quality. There’s no other coffee liquor in the Philippines that can top LUACO, its smooth and creamy features make it enjoyable for any celebration.

  1. Palawan Wit

Palawan Wit

If beer is your cup of tea, then it’s great to know that Palawan produces one of the best drinks in the country. Palawan Wit is a floral and sweet beer that is known for its hint of citrusy taste, spiciness, and refreshing flavor. This wheat-based beer is made with the best ingredients from Palawan. Palaweño Brewery is responsible for this amazing craft. They have high regard for the clean and pure water found in Palawan, which is said to be their secret of making the best local beer.

  1. Manille Liqueur de Calamansi

Manille Liqueur De Calamansi

The Philippines is known to have its own version of the Italian Limoncello; Manille Liqueur de Calamansi is a vodka-based liqueur infused with calamansi. Calamansi is a citrus fruit native to the Philippines, it is commonly used as a food seasoning and often turned into juice. The Manille Liqueur de Calamansi is an all-natural product, no added flavoring is used in this fine liquor. This drink is perfect as a palate cleanser or as a digestif. Pairing this with sweet and savory dishes will enhance your meal’s taste. To truly enjoy the refreshing taste of this local liquor, you can take it as a chilled shot or on the rocks.

  1. Mestiza


The Mestiza is a classic Filipino cocktail which is can commonly be found in bars and clubs all over the country. It is known for its high potency and delicious taste. Made out of rum, beer, and soda, these simple ingredients can light up anyone’s night. When crafting your own Mestiza, you can get creative with the ingredients. You can try out different types of sodas to manipulate its taste. This is the magic of the mestiza; you can get really creative and produce different variants of them.

No matter what kind of soda you use as an ingredient, your Mestiza will taste fantastic. The secret to mixing the best mestizas is to use quality beer and quality rum. Those are the two most important components of this Filipino cocktail.

  1. Kagatan


Kagatan is a classic cocktail which is often associated with titos and titas due to its bitter taste. This is a local cocktail that mimics the taste and body of coffee liquor or any cream-based liquor. It’s one of the most basic Filipino cocktails to create. But even with a few simple ingredients, its taste can compete with cocktails that contain more expensive ingredients. Made out of instant coffee, milk, and rum, it’s the go-to drink for older folks who want to enjoy the taste of their favorite instant coffee with a slight dab of intoxication.

  1. Ginakolait


Ginakolayt is a creamy gin-based alcohol infused with the chocolate drink, “Chocolait”. You would never expect this chocolate milk drink to taste great as a cocktail, but apparently, it’s amazing! The Ginakolait will surely satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. The sweet, creamy, and chocolatey taste makes for a grown-up version of Chocolait. Meld your childhood baon memories with a dash of your current age with this great Filipino cocktail.


  1. Amadeo Coffee Liqueur

Amadeo Coffee Liquor

Made with home-grown ingredients and highly regarded as a great local drink made with fresh local coffee and rum, you’ll be surprised that our beloved country has the ability to create something as magnificent as this. Its appearance may look as though its heavy on the coffee, but when you take a whiff of the bottle, the scent isn’t actually that strong.

The taste will surprise you as well. It tastes more herbal than coffee-like. The drink’s hint of coffee is similar to coffee-flavored candy. If you’re looking for coffee liquor with a mild coffee taste, then this is the drink for you.

  1. Don Papa Rum

Don Papa Rum

Don Papa Rum is one of the greatest rums every created in the country. It made its way onto store shelves in 2012 and it changed the game instantly. This quality Philippine-made rum made a name for itself in and outside the country. After two years of its release, batches of Don Papa Rum made its way into the United Kingdom.

Aged for 7 years in American oak barrels and distilled from sugar cane grown from Negros in the Philippines, Don Papa Rum is packed with spices and flavors that everyone can enjoy. Even liquor novices will instantly love this rum.

  1. Mandirigma


This drink should be consumed with caution as it is one of the potently intoxicating drinks on this list. A staggering mix of absinthe, tequila, and beer this can be taken as a shot or in a chilled glass. Talk about taking hard drinks to a new level. This cocktail is in its own league! You can refine its flavor by adjusting the ratios of the ingredients to suit your taste.

  1. Weng-Weng

Weng Weng

A Weng-Weng is a popular Filipino concoction known for its extreme hit. This daring mixture combines 5 different kinds of liquor in one drink. The cocktail itself has no set recipe, different bars have unique variations of alcohol mixed into their special recipes!

Key Takeaway

These are among the best quality liquor in the Philippines that you should try at least once. You’ll know why many people love drinking alcohol in the Philippines. If you’re looking for the best drinks to use for your cocktails, click here to check out our list of products!

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