Alcohol 101: Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol 101- Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

It’s common knowledge that constantly drinking alcohol is bad for any person’s health. But numerous researches have been conducted that prove alcohol has beneficial properties to a human’s body.

In the Philippines, alcohol is a common drink for adults and they intake it on a regular basis. There are even some individuals that can’t live without it! Alcoholic drinks are a common thing for most countries, which makes it one of the largest industries in the world!

But always remember that excessive intake of alcohol is never advised by professionals and that the benefits that will be stated in this article are for those people who drink in moderation.

So, let’s go ahead and delve into the positive effects of alcohol to people’s bodies!


Keeps the Heart Healthy

Through the years, different researches have proven that drinking wine has positive effects to the health of a person’s heart. Plus, a recent experiment was able to compare vodka, which has been proven to be beneficial to the heart, to pinot noir—a variety of red wine.

Researchers conducted the experiment on three pigs. They fed two out of three pigs some vodka and wine, while not providing any alcoholic drinks for the third one. Then, they put the pigs into a high fat diet for seven weeks. Afterwards, they tested the two pigs that were fed vodka and pinot noir, and they determined that both pigs were given cardiovascular benefits, due to their alcohol intake.

In the end, they concluded that it was pinot noir’s high content of resveratrol, antioxidants, and proangiogenic that provided the pigs those benefits.

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Sexual Function

If you’ve ever experienced having problems in your sexual life, this is something that can potentially help you. Researchers from University of Western Australia have concluded that wine drinkers have experienced considerably lower cases of erectile dysfunction than those who avoid drinking!

They have also concluded that the rate of which wine drinkers have less occurrence of erectile dysfunction is 25-30%! If you’re wondering what the reason for this is, you can attribute it to the antioxidants and other beneficial properties found in wine.

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Brain Protection

This is for those people who love beer to the bones! Last 2015, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published an article, which announced that beer has a component called xanthohumol. This health component ensures that your brain remains fit and healthy!

Specifically, xanthohumol has the capability to protect the brain and slow down possible damages. This means that it can minimize your brain’s deterioration processes, which later on can help you avoid diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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Weight Loss

This may sound completely impossible, but this health benefit has actually been proven by scientific studies!

Tequila, which is essentially a kind of liquor from Mexico, contains agavins or natural sugar. Over time, experts have found out that agavins are considerably better than any artificial sweeteners included in various products people consume daily. This means having natural sugar in your liquor can help you shed the weight that you’ve been trying your hardest to get rid of.



Alcoholic drinks are always fun to have, especially now that you’ve learned a few health benefits you can acquire through consuming them. But you must keep in mind that these benefits will only be available to you if you drink moderately.

Remember, too much of anything is never good!

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