How to Incorporate Rum into your Favorite Dish

How to Incorporate Rum into Your Favorite Dish

How do you successfully incorporate rum into your dish?

1. Add rum into the sauce
2. Learn how much rum to add into your recipe
3. Know which kind of rum is right for your dish
4. Learn what ingredients go well with rum
5. Know the right heat for infusing rum


    Becoming a foodie is a trend nowadays. This is especially appealing since there so are many food choices out there. In fact, various ingredients are being used to create delectable flavors for the palate – to create something new and entirely out-of-the-box. These creations are incorporating fresh and flavorful elements like liquor in the Philippines.

    Many people are using alcoholic drinks as a key ingredient in their cooking, particularly if they are making steak. There’s something about it that really heightens one’s dining experience and intensifies a dish’s flavor. When it comes to the kinds of liquor that can be used for cooking, the choices are definitely endless. But in lieu of National Rum Day (August 16), we shall be looking into how to use rum into your cooking!

    Oftentimes, rum is being associated with pirates (or pirate movies). But what many don’t realize is that this drink can be enjoyed in more ways than one. In all actuality, there are numerous ideas that you can use for infusing the flavor of rum into your favorite dish. All it takes is having the palate and the ‘know-how’ in merging all these flavors into one.

    To give you some clue, here are a few tips you can follow:

Add rum into sauce

Add rum into sauce

     This idea is one of the most common ones used. If what you’re preparing is meant to have a ‘saucy’ texture, then feel free to add a couple drops of rum. Dishes like Glazed Chicken and Baked Beans are known to incorporate rum into their recipes.

    Want to incorporate rum into your desserts? Then, go ahead and make some hot buttered rum sauce. Just combine condensed milk (14 oz.), salt (1/8 tsp.), butter (1/2 cup), and brown sugar (1 cup) all together. Heat them atop a medium saucepan and stir it until the sugar dissolves. Then, remove it from the fire and mix in vanilla (2 tsp.) and rum (1/4 cup). Heat the mixture once again and store it in your fridge. You can serve it as a topping to your favorite ice cream!

Learn how much rum to add

Learn how much rum to add

     When it comes to infusing alcohol into food, it always comes down to knowing how much to incorporate into the dish. Putting too much of it can cause a flavor overload, while putting less of it won’t guarantee a heightening in taste. As much as possible, if you wish to incorporate rum into your dish, put in the exact amount you’ll be needing to ensure a flavor that’s strong in its own right.

    Apart from that, it is important not to put too much rum into your dish because it will not only enhance your meal’s flavor, but also intensify its alcohol content – meaning you could get drunk! In order to avoid that, be sure to infuse just the right amount of it to your recipe.

Know which kind of rum to use

Know which kind of rum to use

     Like any other alcoholic beverage in the Philippines, there are different kinds of rum available for everyone’s choosing. The selections are the following:

  • Gold rum
  • Dark rum
  • White rum
  • Over-proof rum

    These rum varieties offer distinct flavors for you to use. For instance, if you are cooking something as smoky as barbecue, then dark rum is the best choice for you.

Learn what goes well with rum

Learn what goes well with rum

     Besides knowing which type of rum to use for each dish you cook, there’s also the notion of knowing which dish, beverage, or ingredient can go well with rum. Cuisine is seen as a wide and diverse mode of creativity. Essentially, this is because you are creating new flavors by merging multiple tastes into one.

    In order to find out what goes best with rum, you might want to read up on a few rum-infused recipes to familiarize yourself with it. Or if you are the experimental type, then go ahead, explore, and incorporate rum into all of your favorite dishes!

Know the right heat for rum

Know the right heat for rum

     When cooking with alcohol – especially rum – it’s always important to note the intensity of the heat. The goal of cooking with alcohol is to cook it to the point of its flavor mingling with the various ingredients added to your dish. Too much heat can cause your alcohol to overpower the taste of the dish, which can drastically alter your dish.

National Rum Day

Key Takeaway

     There are many other ways to make use of this drink, especially when it comes to exploring numerous flavors of different dishes. If you’re looking for a new and exciting dining experience with the enjoyment of alcohol, rum infusion is definitely the best way to go.


    Are you looking for the best source of rum in the Philippines? Go ahead and check out this page!

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