The Legacy of Jagermeister

The Legacy Of Jagermeister

What is the legacy of Jagermeister?

  1. History of Jagermeister
  2. The unbreakable bottle
  3. The iconic stag logo
  4. Key marketing events
  5. How Jagermeister is made
  6. Tasty Jager mixes

Jagermeister’s eye-catching green bottle is a staple for multiple global alcohol distributors. Curious to know what the appeal of the Master Hunter is?

The legacy of Jagermeister is one created through values, workers’ rights, and family tradition. The drink itself has multiple qualities that make it one in a million – its taste, packaging, and branding. Want a sip? Here is a list of legacies that Jagermeister has established over the years:


History of Jagermeister

History Of Jagermeister

  • 1878

The Jagermeister company was established by Wilhelm Mast in Wolfenbuttel. The original product was not the iconic liquor known today but was actually vinegar. At the time, the town needed vinegar to cool rocks that were mined before they were to be extracted.

  • 1922

Wilhelm Mast was known to friends and family as a man passionate about wines and spirits. He had plans to expand the company to enter the liquor trading industry. However, in 1918, he became seriously ill and passed the company on to his son, Curt Mast. The company left to him was not making enough money and was in serious debt. In 1922, Curt made the executive decision to stop all vinegar-related production to completely focus on the trading of high-quality liquor.

  • 1934

After years in the liquor trading industry, Curt Mast decided to test his skills and create his own kind of unique high-quality liquor. It took a few years of trial and errors to find the perfect balance. In 1934, the iconic Jagermeister herbal liqueur was born. The mixture is made of 56 natural ingredients combined with water, alcohol, and sugar.

  • 1975

The company received its first international order in 1975 from an importer in New York City named Sidney Frank. This marked the introduction of Jagermeister into the global market.


The Unbreakable Bottle

The Unbreakable Bottle

The iconic Jagermeister bottle is extremely unique. Its green color is eye-catching and it becomes more pronounced as the contents of the bottle are consumed. Its shape is also quite unique, paired with its thick glass material. Another one of a kind part of its packaging is the engraving found on the side. These key features help to differentiate the real thing from possible faux versions.

The creator of the Jagermeister bottle was actually the owner himself, Curt Mast. He wanted a high-quality bottle that did not break easily. So, he put different bottles to the test. Literally. Curt Mast dropped bottles of all shapes, sizes, and materials on the hardwood floor of his own home. The last bottle standing was a rectangular bottle made of glass. This was the bottle he chose to represent his special herbal high-quality liquor.

Curt Mast was also a huge fan of hunting. The direct translation of Jagermeister to English is “master hunter”. He decided to taint the glass into the color of hunter’s green. Found on other parts of the bottle are multiple hunting references as well.


The Iconic Stag Logo

The Iconic Stag Logo

The stag found on the logo is based on the legend of Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters. According to legend, St. Hubertus was originally a normal man who enjoyed going on the hunt. He loved it so much that he would leave his responsibilities behind. It got to the point that he needed to hunt to feel some form of satisfaction.

One day, while St. Hubertus was hunting, a glowing white stag came out of nowhere and started to approach him. He noticed that something was floating between its antlers. As he took a closer look, he realized that it was a glowing cross. He couldn’t believe his eyes and discerned that he was looking directly at a sign from God. From that day on, he quit hunting completely and dedicated his life to the church.

On the bottle, the iconic stag is surrounded by oak, pine, and a German poem by Oskar van Riesenthal. It is a hunter’s mantra and in English reads as,

“This is the hunters’ honour shield,

which he protects and looks after his game,

Huntsman hunts, As it should be,

the Creator in the creatures honour”.


Key Marketing Events

Key Marketing Events

Jagermeister utilized different marketing strategies to solidify its name as a high-quality liquor amongst consumers and alcohol distributors. A reason for the globalization of Jagermeister is also due to Germans who settled in countries that did not serve the liquor. They missed drinking it too much to be away from it.

This can be seen in the introduction of Jagermeister in Africa. Germans in South Africa and Namibia craved for the herbal drink so much that they were able to secure trademark rights in the area. In present times, Jagermeister is stocked in multiple African cities such as Ghana, Bahrain, Nigeria, Uganda, and more.

Jagermeister is also widely known in Asian countries, especially in China. The first time Jagermeister was introduced to China, it was called “Sheng Lu” translated to “sacred stag”. This name was not so popular with customers and was eventually changed to “Ye Ge” or “wild character”. This is a more fitting translation to the branding of Jagermeister and quickly became a hit to consumers all over China.


How Jagermeister is Made

It takes more than a year to produce one batch of Jagermeister. This is because it has to go through multiple processes to create the best quality possible. Here is a simplified version of that process.

  • Prepare Ingredients

The process begins with the preparation of dry mixtures by the master distillers. These ingredients consist of blossoms, herbs, fruits, and roots.

  • Maceration

They then combine the dry ingredients with a mixture of alcohol and water. This is done for the dry ingredients to soak up the wet ingredients.

  • Storage in Oak Barrels

The mixture is stored in wooden barrels and left to cultivate for a whole year. This is done in oak barrels to allow the mixture to breathe.

  • Enrichment

After a year, the mixture is once again mixed with ingredients such as pure water, alcohol, caramelized sugar, and liquid sugar.

  • Quality Check

The quality of each bottle is checked in close to 400 tests to ensure the highest quality possible was achieved.

  • Filling and Bottling

Once the mixture passes the gruesome safety checks, they are then ready to be bottled and shipped off to their awaiting consumers.

Tasty Jager Mixes

Tasty Jager Mixes

 Jager Bomb

  • Ingredients
    • 1 shot Jagermeister
    • 1 can Red Bull
  • Instructions
    1. Carefully balance a shot glass of Jagermeister on the rim of a glass filled with Red Bull.
    2. Once ready to drink, drop the shot into the glass and drink immediately.

Not-So-Black Berry

  • Ingredients
    • 1 oz. Jagermeister
    • 1 oz. peach schnapps
    • 1 ½ oz. cranberry juice
    • 1 can clear soft drink
  • Instructions
    1. Fill half of a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
    2. Pour the Jagermeister, cranberry juice, and peach schnapps in.
    3. Shake the mixture well and strain it into a whiskey glass.
    4. Top the glass up with the soft drink and serve.

The Old West

  • Ingredients
    • ½ oz. Jagermeister
    • 1 ½ oz. whiskey
    • ½ maple syrup
    • Cocktail bitters
    • Orange zest (for garnish)
    • Ice cubes
  • Instructions
    1. Put cubes of ice in a whiskey glass.
    2. Lightly mix in the Jagermeister and whiskey.
    3. Add maple syrup and a splash of cocktail bitters.
    4. Mix it well.
    5. Garnish with orange zest and serve.


Key Takeaway

The success of Jagermeister would not have been possible without dedication. The dedication of Curt Mast to try and create a high-quality liquor. The dedication of Germans who have settled into another country to have access to the liquor. And the dedication of alcohol distributors to continuously provide the drink to loyal consumers. The legacy of Jagermeister is found in each bottle and celebrated by people from all over the world. Click here for more of Alcoline’s world-class products!

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