7 Myths About Liquor Debunked!


What are the common myths about liquor that have been debunked?

  1. “I can sober up on my own”
  2. “Beer is not that strong/Lite beer is better to drink”
  3. “Puking helps”
  4. “Women suffer worse hangovers than men”
  5. “Alcohol kills brain cells”
  6. “Mixing drinks will make you more drunk”
  7. “Alcohol affects your behavior”

Exploring the different flavors of the various liquors in the Philippines is an enjoyable activity—provided you don’t exceed the limit, of course. New variants coming from local breweries, together with imports from foreign wineries, will bring exciting tasting experiences.

This is true for seasoned alcohol enthusiasts. However, new ones can also join in on the fun. Unfortunately, some of them are being deterred by a few beliefs they hold on to about drinking liquor, even though these things are nothing but myths.

To shed more light about what’s real, let’s go ahead and debunk 7 of these myths.


“Women suffer worse hangovers than men”

This is a myth that has seriously passed its time of relevance. It’s already 2018 and gender has never been more fluid! That being said, your susceptibility to getting drunk doesn’t and has never been determined by your gender.

Your tolerance to getting intoxicated is all about your blood-alcohol level—particularly how much and how fast you drink.


“Alcohol kills brain cells”

As much as it is true that alcohol does a lot of things to your body, it can’t do something like “kill your brain cells”. But it does affect how your brain works!

Drinking too much can possibly impair some brain functions for a period of time so be careful of how much you drink!


“Mixing drinks will make you more drunk

While mixing drinks is fun, it doesn’t actually up the stakes of getting drunk. At the end of the day, it’s the amount of alcohol that you drink regardless of which cocktail you order. So, don’t be afraid to step up and get those mixed drinks to liven up your night out!


“Alcohol affects your behavior

If you’ve ever heard someone tell you that tequila makes you dance or that whiskey makes you rowdy, then you’d probably know where this is going.

Sure, drinking alcohol makes you feel something; but 99.99% of the time it’s because it gets you drunk. Alcohol doesn’t affect your overall behavior. However, it does get you drunk so be sure to know your limits!


“I can sober up on my own”

One of the first things you need to know about drinking alcohol is that you cannot exactly sober up on your own.

The truth is you need at least 2 or more hours before the alcohol stops affecting your system. After this time, you would no longer feel the buzz that comes from drinking. However, this does not mean that your blood alcohol level will become zero—meaning you shouldn’t drive at all.


“Beer is not that strong/Lite beer is better to drink”

For first time drinkers out there, it is highly suggested that you steer clear of drinking a whole bottle particularly when you are not used to drinking yet. This is because most beers found in the country contain 80 proof of alcohol content—which is, by all means, quite a lot!

Instead of consuming the entire bottle, get a small glass and start from there. Trust us, you don’t want your first time giving you a massive hangover once morning comes.


“Puking helps”

Some of your friends might say that you could get rid of the alcohol in your system by simply puking it out. They may even ask you to chug another shot or another glass after doing so. But don’t get easily fooled by this as alcohol instantly mixes in your bloodstream and will, in fact, remain there for a couple hours or more.

Key Takeaway

Hopefully, these 7 debunked myths clear up some of those untrue beliefs that some cling to. Just always remember to know your limits and drink responsively. By doing so, you and your friends could have the best time!

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