It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Liquor Tips for Tourists

It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Liquor Tips for Tourists

What tips should tourists follow when trying local liquors from the Philippines?

  1. Never underestimate the drink
  2. Enjoy the drink in the company of your friends
  3. Take it easy with the alcohol
  4. Try the local foods as well

The Philippines is a country that has a lot of wonders in store for first-time (and even repeat) visitors. Its tropical beaches reminiscent of paradise are always a good backdrop where they can relax and take memorable pictures with friends and family.

The local cuisine also gives off exotic vibes and tastes that can surely rock their world. Although the food items are great and are scene stealers, the beverages – particularly the local liquors from the Philippines – could easily be the highlight of their trip.

However, if you are a tourist visiting this beautiful country and if it’s your first time trying some local drinks, it’s always best to take some precautions. After all, you aren’t familiar with their alcohol content and may end up becoming more intoxicated than you plan to be. To help you out, we listed down liquor tips that will guide you in this journey.

Never Underestimate the Drink

Don’t underestimate the drink

Liquors in the Philippines can come in varying degrees of intensity. This is particularly true for home-grown favorites such as lambanog (coconut vodka), tapuy (rice wine), bundy wine (a brand of fruit wine known in Mindanao), and others. These drinks are, of course, worth being tried. However, do be careful not to underestimate them and take them in shots because they are quite strong.

You might see locals guzzle them down as if they are water. But this is probably because they have already built a tolerance for it. It’s highly suggested you take in little sips of the drink. By doing so, your taste buds would be able to properly savor their flavors. Additionally, you would be able to avoid getting ridiculously and unintentionally drunk, allowing you to enjoy every bit of your trip with no regrets whatsoever.

As Much as Possible, Bring as Many Friends as You Can

Bring as many friends as you can

The alcoholic drinks in the Philippines are best consumed while you are in great company. Just imagine sipping a local beer or other favorites while you and your friends gather on a large table at the beach front. All of this you can experience with the warm sunshine, the cool sea breeze, the smell of the ocean in the air, and the fun stories being passed on across the table.

In this regard, you could say that the local liquors aren’t that different from the ones you enjoy at home—those ones that are best shared with the people who make all your moments worthwhile.

Take it easy when trying liquor from the Philippines

Take it easy when trying liquor from the Philippines

As you are enjoying the company of your friends, do take note of how much alcohol you are consuming. It would not fare well for you if you forget you are drinking something you are unfamiliar with. Keep in mind that even though the local beers have a similar taste to the ones you got back home does not mean that they have the same intensity or the same alcohol content.

As a rule of thumb, make sure you take it easy when drinking local alcoholic refreshments.

Try the local cuisines as well

Try local cuisine as well

As mentioned, the local food scene is also great and worth trying. It also provides a wide variation for you to choose from so you can be assured that you’ll find something you would like. There are exotic fruits, fresh seafood dishes, and fun fusion cuisine among others.

However, if you plan on experiencing the local drinks, you should definitely pair them with some local dishes or as the Filipinos would say it, pulutan. Pulutan is the food items that are usually served during a drinking session. A few examples of them are pork sisig, crispy pata (deep fried pig trotters), and chicharon (crispy pig skin). They don’t only taste great; they could also tone down the intensity of your chosen drink.

Key Takeaway

These are the tips that tourists should adhere to when trying local liquors from the Philippines. Additionally, do try to have an open mind when tasting local flavors and remember to have fun when doing so!

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