No Rum Coke: New Mixed Drink Recipes

New Mixed Drink Recipes

If you are an enthusiast for mixed drinks and travel, then you may want to try something new aside from the usual mixtures here in the Philippines. While Jack Daniels mixed with coke will always be a favourite, the drinks listed below have been garnering a rising popularity in the United States because their experimental recipes offer a new taste to the palette.

If you find yourself visiting the USA soon, you should definitely try these drinks:

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Rooted In

This mostly-organic drink comes from Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore. The bar believes in farm-to-table practices, which means they encourage the use of locally and personally grown in-season ingredients to create their dishes and drinks.

Their cocktail named “Rooted In” showcases this. It uses ingredients such as verjuice, beet juice, beet vinegar, ginger, parsley powder, and gin. It is rare to find a cocktail with a mix of organic ingredients. This drink is definitely something to try for those who want to enjoy themselves while staying healthy.

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Royal Bombay Yacht Club

August 1 Five is a bar in San Francisco that serves drinks that feature a unique mix of flavors from India, London, and San Francisco. This is mostly seen in their straightforward cocktail, the “Royal Bombay Yacht Club.” The bar took a risk with this drink by featuring chili liqueur instead of being the usual modifier. Mixed in with lime and mint, the result is a perfect balance of spicy, sweet, and sour.

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Camille Montes

Maketto is a clothing store with café, restaurant, and bar extensions! You would think that such a set up would spread the service too thin. However, not only are their clothes great, but their food and drinks are delicious as well!

The “Camille Montes,” in particular, is a drink to watch out for. It is made of rum mixed with tamarind, chocolate bitter, egg white, and soda water. This combination makes it feel like a tamarind-rum egg cream which feels like it would go perfectly with a breakfast meal.

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Green Machine

Although The Sea by Alexander Steakhouse is a seafood heavy restaurant, they have a stunning collection of spirits and rare brandies and whiskeys. With these as ingredients, they make some of the best balanced cocktails in Palo Alto, California. One of their best drinks is the “Green Machine,” which is a drink made with vodka, Thai basil, and grapefruit with a dash of absinthe and liqueur from herbs.

Source: From The Perfect Spot

Lower Manhattan

The Tartine Bakery and Café in San Francisco recently opened the rest of its space to create the Tartine Manufactory. This establishment has wonderful dishes as well as a great cocktail list.

Utilizing vermouths and liqueurs, they created a whole line up of unique shrubs and house fermentations. One of the drinks you must try is the Lower Manhattan, which is a spinoff from the well-known Manhattan cocktail. This drink features a lively root beer shrub garnished with hops and mixed with sweet vermouth, bitters, white wine, and neutral grape spirits.

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Dolores Del Rio

The drinks from The Long Island Bar in Brooklyn, New York are simple but memorable. A best seller of theirs is the “Dolores Del Rio.” The drink is a mix of jalapeño-infused tequila, aperitif, tart, passion fruit, and lime.


While these drinks are made in local bars of the United States, it won’t be a surprise if one of these cocktails become popular worldwide and find themselves on Philippines shores. If you have a chance to, then you should definitely try them out; or you could also try making them on your own!

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