5 Drinks to Enjoy for No-Shave November


What are some of the best drinks to enjoy for No-Shave November?

1. Beer
2. Whiskey
3. Wine
4. Rum
5. Scotch

November is one of the best months to enjoy some of the finest Philippine alcoholic drinks thanks to the temperature cooling down. But aside from that, this month also marks the start of the iconic movement, “No-Shave November”.

This movement is happening not only on our shores, but overseas as well. It raises awareness to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, who are losing their hair in the process. Essentially, it supports organizations such as the Philippine Cancer Society.

Apart from that, this movement gives all the men (and women) out there the excuse to forego shaving for at least one month. This November, let’s go ahead, celebrate, and embrace our hair, by toasting and drinking the following drinks:

Beer No Shave November


Beer is surely one of the favorite drinks Filipinos love to consume. In fact, you will hardly see it missing from their table, especially during game nights with their bros!

A nice and cold bottle of this brew with your friends will definitely grant you a good time! Just make sure to drink responsibly and to always bring pulutan with you – to ensure you guys will also have a full stomach.

Whiskey No Shave November


Whiskey is one of the best drinks you could have that can warm you during the month of November. Sipping a glass of this as your nightcap will surely make you have a comfortable night of sleep. After all, everyone – including bearded manly men – loves to have a cozy night-in every once in a while.

Wine No Shave November


Wine is another drink both men and women will love to consume this month. It is a well-rounded drink that can be paired with different kinds of meals. The best thing about it is that you can try out various kinds of wine to keep the excitement going. You’ll find that drinking red wine can provide you a unique experience from drinking white wine. Truthfully, there is a lot for you to explore!

The Philippines also offers exotic wines, such as lambanog and strawberry wine, to keep you entertained all throughout the month of November. You can also try out several kinds of cheeses and crackers to pair it with. For sure, you will find out which drink and which pairing you will like the best.

Rum No Shave November


In pop culture, rum has been heavily associated with pirate characters, such as Jack Sparrow, Davey Jones, and Captain Hook—all of which have beards!

No-Shave November is the perfect excuse for both men and women to pretend they are pirates going on a high-risk adventure by drinking rum and by not shaving their beards. For those who missed out on Halloween celebrations, it is not too late to play a little bit of make believe. Just be sure to, once again, practice moderation when drinking this liquor for it is well-known to be quite intense. Remember, a good captain mustn’t be heavily intoxicated!

Aside from that, November is also the perfect time to store up on some rum that you can later drink to celebrate Christmas.

Scotch No Shave November


Scotch is a type of whiskey; it is one of the most prolific variants of alcohol, especially in the Philippines. This drink will definitely make you feel relaxed as if you’re sitting on your favorite chair, while watching your favorite TV show or movie. This will definitely up your watching experience.

Though, you might want to keep in mind that this drink is also a strong one, so enjoy it with caution. With that said – like the other entries on this list – it is best to take it easy on every sip. If you could, be sure to drink while you have a full stomach. This will for sure help you avoid a hangover!

Key Takeaway

As you can see, No-Shave November can be enjoyed by both men and women. The drinks listed above will surely make this month truly worth it. However, let’s not forget why it is being celebrated in the first place. Be sure to include the patients in your thoughts and prayers. Also, if you prefer, you can donate to the Philippine Cancer Society for the cause.

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