5 Cocktail Recipes You Can Create at Home During the Quarantine

5 Cocktail Recipes You Can Create at Home Duringthe Quarantine

What are cocktail recipes you can create at home during the quarantine? Mimosa Classic Whiskey Sour Frozen Sangria Margaritas Beer Mojitos     During this time of a global pandemic, as social distancing and self-quarantine continue, you might be running out of ways to spend your time at home. What’s there to do while stuck indoors? […]

4 Ways to Maximize Your Time with Family During a Pandemic

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What are some activities you can do with your family during a pandemic? Mix cocktail drinks for the family Piña colada White Russian Margarita Hendrick’s gin and tonic Play drinking games King’s Cup Buzz Watch movies Cook a meal together In these unprecedented times, we need to not only be aware of the situation happening […]

A Guide to All the Different Types of Tequila


What are the different types of tequila? Blanco Joven Reposado Añejo Extra Añejo     Arguably, one of the most popular party drinks across the world is tequila. No wild night out would be complete without someone sprinkling and subsequently licking a dash of salt from the palm of their hands, swallowing a shot of the […]

How to Make 6 Simple Cocktails After Work

How To Make 6 Simple Cocktails After Work

What are simple cocktails you can make after work? Old Fashioned Cereal Milk Punch White Wine & Tequila Siesta Vodka Soda The Tom Collins Bubbly Cucumber Avocado Smoothie When you get home from work, do you usually crave for a refreshing and calming cocktail without having to go through the hassle? Then these simple cocktails […]

6 Sweetest Beer-Based Desserts

6 Sweetest Beer Based Desserts

What are the sweetest beer-based desserts? Chocoholic Brew Cakes Boozy Bread Malt-Made Ice Cream Short & Stout Cupcakes Hoppy Cookies Stuck between choosing a cold glass of beer or a sweet treat for dessert? Well, now you can choose both! Bakers have gone the extra mile to create beer-infused desserts to satisfy all your cravings. […]

An In-Depth Look at Gin and Favorite Local Mixes

An In Depth Look At Gin And Favorite Local Mixes

What’s so interesting about gin? Gin’s origin Gin was not made to be taken alone Gin is flavored vodka The Philippines is the leader of gin consumption Popular mixes From simple mixes to luxurious cocktails, gin is one of the most widely celebrated drinks all across the globe.  Alcohol distributors all over the world have recorded […]

The Legacy of Jagermeister

The Legacy Of Jagermeister

What is the legacy of Jagermeister? History of Jagermeister The unbreakable bottle The iconic stag logo Key marketing events How Jagermeister is made Tasty Jager mixes Jagermeister’s eye-catching green bottle is a staple for multiple global alcohol distributors. Curious to know what the appeal of the Master Hunter is? The legacy of Jagermeister is one […]

The Process of Beer-Making and Qualities of Good Beer

The Process Of Beer Making And Qualities Of Good Beer

What is the process of beer-making? Sanitizing the equipment The brewing stage Mashing Lautering Boiling Cooling process Pitching Fermentation Finishing What are the qualities of good beer? Aroma Flavor Alcohol distributors all around the world are providing people with the best beer possible. From bold lagers to a wide range of quality hand-crafted beers. But […]

Drinks for Every Occasion: Highball Glass Drink Recipes

Drinks For Every Occasion Highball Glass Drink Recipes

What are the best highball glass drink recipes? Golden Age Crimson Passion Jimmy Hendricks Iced Tea Grapefruit and Tonic Tequila Sunrise Velvet Seduction Extra Dark Stormy Dark Strawberry Lemon Dash Highball glass liquors are a favorite of many liquor enthusiasts as they have the right proportions of ingredients and the amount of liquid a highball […]

Alcohol Distributor: Liquor-Infused Milkshake Recipes

Alcohol Distributor Liquor-Infused Milkshake Recipes

What are great liquor-infused milkshake recipes? Hot Fudge Bourbon Milkshake Malupit Makabayan Milkshake Irish Coffee Milkshake Coconut Rum Milkshake Funfetti Milkshake Coffee Vodka Milkshake Chocolate Chip Cream Milkshake Milkshakes are the epitome of delicious dessert drinks. But Milkshakes don’t have to be strictly for kids to enjoy, you can whip up your own grown-up version […]