Plan Your Perfect Picnic: Cocktails You Can Mix On-The-Go

Plan Your Perfect Picnic: Cocktails You Can Mix On-The-Go

Summer is one of the most wonderful seasons of the year when the sun shines beautifully bright and it feels amazing to just be outside with the calm summer breeze. One of the best things to do on a summer weekend afternoon is to go for a delightful picnic with good company, lounge around or […]

2-Ingredient Cocktail Recipes That Are Perfect for the Holidays

2-Ingredient Cocktail Recipes That Are Perfect for the Holidays

It’s finally December, which means it’s time to have a wonderful holiday celebration with your friends and loved ones. Holiday celebrations can vary from place to place. For example, in the Philippines, alcohol beverages like beer are always paired with ham to complete the Noche Buena menu. Other countries, on the other hand, have their […]

5 Drinks to Enjoy for No-Shave November


What are some of the best drinks to enjoy for No-Shave November? 1. Beer 2. Whiskey 3. Wine 4. Rum 5. Scotch November is one of the best months to enjoy some of the finest Philippine alcoholic drinks thanks to the temperature cooling down. But aside from that, this month also marks the start of […]

4 Summer Alcoholic Punch Bowl Recipes

4 Summer Alcoholic Punch Bowl Recipes

Summer is here and the temperature is rising in the Philippines. Combining alcohol with ice cold fruity drinks seems like the best way to beat the heat while having loads of fun. Gather some friends for this one; here are the perfect alcoholic punch bowls that you can prepare and enjoy together: Girl’s Brunch Punch […]

Alcohol 101: Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol 101- Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

It’s common knowledge that constantly drinking alcohol is bad for any person’s health. But numerous researches have been conducted that prove alcohol has beneficial properties to a human’s body. In the Philippines, alcohol is a common drink for adults and they intake it on a regular basis. There are even some individuals that can’t live […]

All about Ales and Lagers

All About Ales and Lagers

The Philippines has various alcoholic drinks to offer its people. It ranges from traditional beverages like tuba and lambanog, to more modern ones like bourbon, rum, tequila, and a mix and match of some of them (which people have coined as cocktails). However, there’s one alcoholic drink Filipinos prefer more than anything—beer. You can say that it’s such […]

3 of the Best Home Remedies for a Hangover

drunk frog on a bench

In the Philippines, liquor distributors are dedicated to offering only the widest range of products for its customers. That’s why most bars in the country are often ready to serve anything from whiskey, to vodka, to tequila, and even to good old-fashioned beer. Of course, drinks like these often accompany those set on spending their […]