5 Cocktails Inspired by Your Popular Childhood Filipino Snacks

5 Cocktails Inspired By Your Popular Childhood Filipino Snacks

What are cocktail recipes inspired by popular childhood Filipino snacks? Mik-Mik: Choco Martini Potchi: Pretty in Pink Champagne Choc Nut: Chocolate Milkshake Surprise White Rabbit: Caramel White Russian Iced Gem: Iced Gingerbread Martini Do you ever taste something that instantly throws you back to your childhood? Well, with the right mixture of liquor in the […]

Drinks for Every Occasion: Highball Glass Drink Recipes

Drinks For Every Occasion Highball Glass Drink Recipes

What are the best highball glass drink recipes? Golden Age Crimson Passion Jimmy Hendricks Iced Tea Grapefruit and Tonic Tequila Sunrise Velvet Seduction Extra Dark Stormy Dark Strawberry Lemon Dash Highball glass liquors are a favorite of many liquor enthusiasts as they have the right proportions of ingredients and the amount of liquid a highball […]

8 Easy Cocktails to Make for Valentine’s Day


What are easy cocktails to make for Valentine’s day? Besame Molly & Eve Red Lotus Blushing Ballerina The Brogue Love Potion Guilty in Rome Ginger and Jasmine Your Valentine’s Day date wouldn’t be complete without sharing a glass of delicious liquor over a romantic candlelight dinner. In the Philippines, liquor can either be consumed as […]