Commemorate Independence Day by Revisiting the Historical Origins of Philippine Liquors

Commemorate Independence Day By Revisiting The Historical Origins Of Philippine Liquors

Liquor in the Philippines comes in a number of varieties, each of which has evolved throughout history. The creation of these liquors stems from the crops readily available in the area of their production. They are consumed for different reasons that originate from personal, ceremonial, and social applications. In order to commemorate independence day, let […]

An In-Depth Look at Gin and Favorite Local Mixes

An In Depth Look At Gin And Favorite Local Mixes

What’s so interesting about gin? Gin’s origin Gin was not made to be taken alone Gin is flavored vodka The Philippines is the leader of gin consumption Popular mixes From simple mixes to luxurious cocktails, gin is one of the most widely celebrated drinks all across the globe.  Alcohol distributors all over the world have recorded […]