Commemorate Independence Day by Revisiting the Historical Origins of Philippine Liquors

Commemorate Independence Day By Revisiting The Historical Origins Of Philippine Liquors

Liquor in the Philippines comes in a number of varieties, each of which has evolved throughout history. The creation of these liquors stems from the crops readily available in the area of their production. They are consumed for different reasons that originate from personal, ceremonial, and social applications. In order to commemorate independence day, let […]

Truly Interesting Facts About Whiskey

Truly Interesting Facts About Whiskey

What are some interesting facts about whiskey? Whisky or Whiskey? Whiskey starts out as beer The Angel’s Tax Don’t add ice Knowing your international whiskies/whiskeys While you’re sipping down your ice cold glass of liquor in the Philippines, you may tend to wonder what the history of your drink is or what are some cool […]

7 Myths About Liquor Debunked!


What are the common myths about liquor that have been debunked? “I can sober up on my own” “Beer is not that strong/Lite beer is better to drink” “Puking helps” “Women suffer worse hangovers than men” “Alcohol kills brain cells” “Mixing drinks will make you more drunk” “Alcohol affects your behavior” Exploring the different flavors […]