A Guide to All the Different Types of Tequila


What are the different types of tequila? Blanco Joven Reposado Añejo Extra Añejo     Arguably, one of the most popular party drinks across the world is tequila. No wild night out would be complete without someone sprinkling and subsequently licking a dash of salt from the palm of their hands, swallowing a shot of the […]

Love Month: Finding the Best Chocolate Pairing for Your Wine Night


    If you thought that pairing wine with chocolate is not a thing, then you might need to think again because it is actually a fun and popular combination for many wine and chocolate enthusiasts alike. It is a combination that simply makes sense: both can be sweet, delectable, and are known to be aphrodisiacs […]

A Short Guide to the Different Glasses used for Alcoholic Beverages


What are the different kinds of glassware used to serve alcoholic beverages? Beer glass Wine glass Snifter Coupe glass Martini glass Collins glass Rocks glass Shot glass     In the world of alcohol-drinking, one thing that doesn’t get enough attention is the glassware that people use to serve, drink, and enjoy the alcoholic beverages themselves. […]

5 Ghastly Drinks for the Perfect Halloween Party

5 Ghastly Drinks For The Perfect Halloween Party

What are the best cocktails for the perfect Halloween party? The Zombie Jekyll and Gin Black Magic Margaritas Bloody Sunrise Bloody Mary Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. Despite its rather frightful background, people of all ages tend to have the most fun while celebrating Halloween. Children can go trick-or-treating, participate […]

The Definitive Guide to All the Different Types of Whiskeys

The Definitive Guide To All The Different Types Of Whiskeys

What are the different types of whiskeys? Scotch Irish American Japanese Canadian Whiskey, or ‘whisky’ depending on where it’s from, is one of the most iconic distilled alcoholic beverages in the world. Many people would consider a drink cabinet or bar incomplete without a bottle of some fine whiskey because there is never a shortage […]

Best Alcohol Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Best Alcohol Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

What are the best types of alcohol you should gift this Christmas? Carlos I Moët & Chandon Brut Camus VSOP Elegance The Botanist Gin Glenfiddich 12-Year-Old Scotch Whiskey Brancott Estate Marlborough Pinot Noir Jagermeister Patron Silver This Christmas, why not give your loved ones a bottle of the finest liquor in the Philippines. Surprise them […]

Top 6 Liquors You Need to Stock Your Home Bar With

Top 6 Liquors You Need To Stock Your Home Bar With

What are liquors that you should stock your home bar with? Vodka Gin Tequila Rum Whiskey Brandy Is your idea of relaxing after a long day at work mixing yourself up a cocktail? Do you enjoy making cocktails for your friends when they come over? Are you looking to learn how to mix more classic […]

What Are the Best Drinking Card Games for the Rainy Season?

What Are The Best Drinking Card Games For The Rainy Season

What are the best drinking card games for the rainy season? Ride The Bus King’s Cup Killer Have fun with your friends despite the rainy season with these drinking card games! All these exciting games need is a deck of cards, your best buds, and your preferred cocktails made from the best liquors in the […]

How to Make 6 Simple Cocktails After Work

How To Make 6 Simple Cocktails After Work

What are simple cocktails you can make after work? Old Fashioned Cereal Milk Punch White Wine & Tequila Siesta Vodka Soda The Tom Collins Bubbly Cucumber Avocado Smoothie When you get home from work, do you usually crave for a refreshing and calming cocktail without having to go through the hassle? Then these simple cocktails […]

6 Sweetest Beer-Based Desserts

6 Sweetest Beer Based Desserts

What are the sweetest beer-based desserts? Chocoholic Brew Cakes Boozy Bread Malt-Made Ice Cream Short & Stout Cupcakes Hoppy Cookies Stuck between choosing a cold glass of beer or a sweet treat for dessert? Well, now you can choose both! Bakers have gone the extra mile to create beer-infused desserts to satisfy all your cravings. […]