How to Make 6 Simple Cocktails After Work

How To Make 6 Simple Cocktails After Work

What are simple cocktails you can make after work? Old Fashioned Cereal Milk Punch White Wine & Tequila Siesta Vodka Soda The Tom Collins Bubbly Cucumber Avocado Smoothie When you get home from work, do you usually crave for a refreshing and calming cocktail without having to go through the hassle? Then these simple cocktails […]

Summer Splash: Best Cocktails to Enjoy with Your Buds

Summer Splash Best Cocktails To Enjoy With Your Buds

What are the best cocktails to enjoy with your group of friends? Beat The Heat The Bigger, The Better Sweet Summer Shooters Weekend Getaway Jetsetter Looking to get away from the summer heat with your best friends? Want to try something new? Try these different concoctions made from a combination of the best liquor in […]

A Throwback to the 60s: Famous Drinks That Are Simple to Make


What are famous 60s-themed cocktails that are simple to make? The Manhattan The Old-Fashioned Whiskey Sour Mint Julep Sidecar Bloody Mary The Gimlet White Russian The 60s was truly a decade to remember. It was an era that experienced revolutionary movements, war, and a man on the moon. It was also a time in history […]