A Guide to the Different Winemaking Regions in Spain


What are the different winemaking regions in Spain? Rioja Priorat Costers del Segre Penedés Jerez de la Frontera     Here is one truth that many wine aficionados may or may not already know: Premium Spanish wine is just as good as the premium wines from the other well-known wine-producing countries such as Italy and France. […]

200 Monges Reserva 2010: 3 Qualities That Make Spanish Wine Truly Great


What are the qualities that make Spanish wine great? Native grape varieties The unique variety of Spanish wine Quality control is of utmost importance When it comes to wine, Spain is usually not the first country that comes to mind with France and Italy usually taking the top spot. However, what most people don’t know […]

The History and Legacy of Winemaking in Spain


What is the history and legacy of winemaking in Spain? The Phoenicians established viticulture around 1100 B.C. Winemaking developed further when Romans conquered Spain Flourishing of wine during the Middle Ages Spanish wine and the ‘New World’ Spanish wine during the industrial revolution The revival of wine tradition during the 50’s Spanish winemaking today When […]