Love Month: Finding the Best Chocolate Pairing for Your Wine Night


    If you thought that pairing wine with chocolate is not a thing, then you might need to think again because it is actually a fun and popular combination for many wine and chocolate enthusiasts alike. It is a combination that simply makes sense: both can be sweet, delectable, and are known to be aphrodisiacs […]

How to Choose the Best Wine for You

How To Choose The Best Wine For You

How can you choose the best wine? Step One: Figure out your taste preferences Step Two: Know your wine types Step Three: Learn how to read the label Step Four: Pick for the occasion Step Five: Don’t stress over the wine’s age Step Six: Find a bottle within your budget Selecting the most ideal bottle […]

From Baskets to Barrels: The Process of Winemaking

From Baskets to Barrels The Process of Winemaking

What is there to know about the process of winemaking? Understanding red wines Understanding white wines Learning the steps Ever wondered how your favorite wines from your alcohol distributor are made? Before your preferred wines in Manila are brought to their shelves, they start their life as grapes from a vine. If you’re curious about […]

Glass of Hearts: Wines to Induce a Romantic Dinner


What are great wines for a romantic dinner? Sauvignon Blanc Rose Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot If you’re looking forward to a romantic dinner and some wine to spice up your night but have no idea what wines to choose for your date, then you’ve come to the right stop. There is a wide range of wines […]

It’s a Match! The Best Food Paired with Wine

It’s a Match! The Best Food Paired with Wine

What are some examples of a good food and wine pairing? Pasta and Chardonnay Salad and Riesling Cheese and Sauvignon Blanc Steak and Cabernet Sauvignon Chicken and Dry Rose There is no doubt that Filipinos are culturally rich. One only has to look into a history book in order to prove this. In the past, the country […]

The 2 Best Wine Brands for Wedding Gifts

The 2 Best Wine Brands for Wedding Gifts

A big part of a wedding is when the bride and groom sift through the gifts that they’ve received from friends and family. This is a special moment for them because it is also the first time that they open their gifts as husband and wife. Most people would opt to give them housewares and […]