4 Ways to Maximize Your Time with Family During a Pandemic

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What are some activities you can do with your family during a pandemic?

  1. Mix cocktail drinks for the family
    1. Piña colada
    2. White Russian
    3. Margarita
    4. Hendrick’s gin and tonic
  2. Play drinking games
    1. King’s Cup
    2. Buzz
  3. Watch movies
  4. Cook a meal together

In these unprecedented times, we need to not only be aware of the situation happening in the country but also to take the necessary precautions to ensure our family and friends are safe. When the world is afflicted by a pandemic, we can do our part by staying at home and supporting efforts to help alleviate the effects.

There are only so many things you can do at home before you experience the symptoms of cabin fever. It would do you well to inform yourself on how to maximize your time during a pandemic.

Instead of just idling about and taking far too many naps, there are some activities which you can do with your family at home. If your family is the adventurous type, they might enjoy activities like mixing homemade cocktails or playing party games. If they prefer activities with minimal effort, simply watching movies or cooking a meal together would suffice.

If you want to learn about the other ways of making the most out of times like these, with your family. Continue reading to learn more.

Mix cocktail drinks for the family

Mix cocktail drinks for the family

It may seem unconventional, but one way of spending time with your family during a pandemic is mixing cocktail drinks for the entire bunch. Especially now that it’s summertime, there are plenty of cocktail drink ideas that require only simple recipes you can easily get in your family’s already-existing liquor rack.

When thinking of which cocktail recipes to follow, you should always have in mind the preference of each of the members of your family. Some of them would prefer light and smooth flavors, while some would prefer strong hues.

Whatever they choose, you cannot go wrong with mixing homemade versions of the following: Piña colada, White Russian, Margarita, and Hendrick’s gin and tonic.

Piña colada

You cannot go wrong with mixing a piña colada drink for your family. This classic and fruity summertime drink features refreshing flavors with hints of smooth coconut.

For this recipe, you would need fresh pineapples, sweetened coconut cream, unsweetened coconut milk, white rum, and lime juice. To end up with a cooler drink, you might want to freeze your pineapple slices for best results.

You would need to start off by shaking the two coconut-based ingredients on your list. Make a puree out of pineapple, cream of coconut, coconut milk, lime juice, and white rum. Blend them all, along with several cubes of ice, depending on your choice. After, you should place the resulting blended mixture inside a freezer for around 35 minutes until it ends up with a milkshake-like consistency.

Serve the resulting mixture by dividing them into glasses. Your family would feel refreshed in no time.

White Russian

Any coffee lover would surely enjoy the next drink on this list. With a relatively-easy-to-acquire liquor and some few simple ingredients, you’d be able to make a unique coffee-like cocktail mix for your family, known as White Russian.

White Russian has three simple ingredients, namely vodka, Kahlua, and heavy whipping cream or milk. Try out their Kahlua and Absolut Vodka for best results.

The first and only step you would need to do is to pour vodka and Kahlua inside a glass filled with ice. Top the mixture with heavy whipping cream and you’ll end up with a delectable coffee-like drink with a specific mocha and chocolate flavor.

This drink is perfect as an early morning pick-me-up, a standalone refreshment, or as a perfect dessert finish for any meal.


This cocktail mix is probably one of the more popular drinks on this list. With the main ingredient being tequila, you would want only the finest tequila brand for this recipe. You can, fortunately, choose from Alcoline’s wide array of tequila, featuring Casa Noble Crystal Blanco tequila.

For this recipe, you would need only four ingredients namely rock salt, tequila, freshly-pressed lime juice, and triple sec.

The first step in preparing margaritas is to line the rim of your glasses with salt. The next would be to combine all your ingredients inside a cocktail shaker. In the absence of this, you may simply choose to shake them inside a tightly-closed tumbler. Shake all the ingredients until you achieve the desired flavor.

Serve the contents inside glasses filled with ice. Place a garnish of lime on each glass for a truly authentic margarita experience. Your family will surely love this refreshing drink which is perfect for any time of the day.

Hendricks Gin and Tonic

This fresh cocktail drink requires you to use only two ingredients. If you want to add garnish, you may cut up slices of cucumber to put on each glass rim.

You would need only to add some ice cubes, pour a mixture of Hendrick’s Gin and tonic water in several glasses and then stir them gently. Whatever the preference of the people in your family, you can add a garnish or you can increase the amount of cocktail in each glass as you so desire.

Play drinking games

Play Drinking Games

Who says you can’t enjoy fun drinking games with your family? You’d be surprised at the availability of unique and fun drinking games your entire family can enjoy at the comfort of your own home.

Of course, no drinking game would be complete without liquor. Whether you choose hard drinks or simply beer, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy these games. Pair your drinks with simple snacks like chips or finger foods and you’ll already have a party at home.

Some of these drinking games you could play with your family include King’s Cup and Buzz.

King’s Cup

This card-drinking game is perfect for a large group, hence why it should be an activity you should consider doing with your family.

The mechanics of this game are fairly simple – you need only pick a card from a deck, and whatever the face of the card you pick, you have to do the action which corresponds to it. For example, if you pick an ace, you would have to do a “waterfall”. This simply means that each player has to drink their alcohol at the same time as the person on their left. None of the players can stop drinking until the person to their left stops.


This game is fairly easy to follow and requires only alcohol and your wits. If you’re looking for the best liquor for this game, simply choose from Alcoline’s available selection.

Each player would start counting a number out loud, except the number 7 and its multiples. You would have to say the word “buzz” instead of these numbers. Anyone who fails to do this would have to take a sip or chug a drink, depending on what you’ve agreed upon with your family.

Watch movies

Watch Movies

One of the best ways you can bond with your entire family is by watching movies together. Whether your family chooses action, drama, comedy, horror, and the like, you would definitely be able to come up with meaningful discussions that can help each member of the family socialize with one another.

Pair your family’s movie nights with bottles of Stella Artois beer which you can easily purchase from Alcoline.

Cook a meal together

Cook a meal together

Another activity which each person in your family would surely enjoy would be to cook a meal together. The meals don’t really have to be complicated. Especially during such a situation and with the limited availability of ingredients, you can opt for finger foods with a twist.

You may choose to cook up a simple grub of fish fingers and chips which you can also pair with a cold, refreshing glass of Budweiser or Corona Extra, available only from Alcoline’s catalogue.

Other dishes which can also go perfectly well with liquor, are perfectly-seared steaks, homemade tacos, and simple tomato sauce-based pasta

Key Takeaway

Luckily for you, there are numerous ways by which you can have a fun and productive time with your family while you’re all in isolation.

The guide above has hopefully presented you with just some of the ways you can help maximize the time you spend with your family during a pandemic.

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