3 Simple Whiskey Based Drinks

3 Simple Whiskey Based Drinks

The liquor scene in the Philippines is very exciting, especially since they have different variations for many types of alcohol. In fact, several bars and restaurants in the country have tried to innovate and create new flavors that they can serve to their customers. They even turn classic drinks into impressive cocktail mixes. For instance, Jack Daniels in the Philippines has been turned into its fair share of delicious concoctions.

Here are a few examples of these mixes:

Old Fashioned Drink

Old Fashioned

You can’t have a list like this and not have the most iconic whiskey mix. Old fashioned is a really simple drink to make. However, perfecting the drink can be a little tricky.

How to mix the drink:

  • Fill a mixing glass to the brim with ice
  • Mix in 2oz of whiskey, ½ oz of simple syrup and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Stir the drink until properly mixed
  • Prepare a chilled cocktail glass and fill with ice
  • Strain the mixture into the chilled glass
  • Squeeze the orange peel over the drink and then drop the peel into the drink
    • Optional: Add a candied cherry for taste

This drink is flexible to any kind of whiskey, depending on the taste you want.

Whiskey Sour Drink

Whiskey Sour

Simplicity is key with this cocktail; the whiskey sour is nothing flashy. This cocktail is in every sense the most comforting and easily enjoyable drink you can make with whiskey.

How to mix the drink:

  • Pour 2oz of whiskey, 1oz of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of sugar into a cocktail shaker
    • Optional: Crack in 1 egg white for a little more froth and shake the mixture vigorously
  • Fill the shaker with ice and shake the concoction for a few seconds to mix well
  • You can either finish it off with a candied cherry and a slice of orange or just drink it as it is

Sazerac Drink


Just as classic as the old fashioned, the Sazerac is a rye whiskey based cocktail, which hails all the way from New Orleans. This drink brings a new taste—a hint of absinthe—mixed into the drink.

  • Place a sugar cube in a mixing glass, moisten it with water and crush it using the back of a spoon
  • Pour in 1 1/2oz of rye whiskey
  • Mix in 2 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters and 1 dash of angostura bitters
  • Stir the mixture for about 30 seconds or until it becomes chilled
  • Put 1 bar spoon of absinthe into a cocktail glass
  • Tilt the cocktail glass around until it is coated with the absinthe and then pour out the excess
  • Strain the whiskey mixture into the cocktail glass and enjoy

These are three simple whiskey cocktails that when perfected, is all you need to knock the socks off of anyone who drinks it. You can change the recipe according to your preference. Don’t be afraid to get creative by changing the type of whiskey you use to make them or by using the optional ingredients.

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