The Golden Elixir: Why You Should Drink Beer

The Golden Elixir: Why You Should Drink Beer

What Makes Beer Great?

1. Beer comes in different percentages of alcohol
2. Beer comes in varying costs
3. Beer has benefits to your health
4. There are different flavors of beer
5. While quantity can increase, quality will always remain top-notch


    The Philippines is a hot pot of fun, especially during the usual night-out with friends. Think about it: it’s the end of a long, grueling day at work; but, instead of heading home, you opt to go out with your friends and marry the night.

    Usually, especially in many cities in the Philippines, liquor is definitely not far behind. With liquor on the table, it’s usually a sign that good times are just a few sips away. However, if one were to name a favorite among the Filipinos, it would most definitely be none other than the famous golden drink: beer.

    There’s something about beer that makes people seek for it during their usual inuman sessions with their friends. Not only is this drink known for its color and flavor, but it also comes in different varieties depending on your taste and it’s also widely available in every supermarket and sari-sari stores nationwide. No matter how much alcohol one is presented on the table, for many, beer still remains top-shelf in their minds.

    When it comes to beer, there are a number of other things that make it the drink it is today, which in turn helps reason as to why you should indulge in this drink on a regular basis. If you’re a beer guy (or not) and you’re wondering why you should have a sip of this every once in a while, here are some things you should be considering:

Alcohol Content

1.    Alcohol Content

    When drinking alcohol, it’s always important to practice moderation, especially when drinking liquor such as wine, whiskey, vodka, and others of the sort. While the respective alcohol contents of these aforementioned drinks are usually fixed, beer can come with different alcohol percentages, which can help you choose which beer is best suited for you.

Cost Friendly

2.    Cost Friendly

    In today’s world of business, there are two factors for every product in the market that one should always consider: local and imported. These two help widen one’s scope, when looking for a specific product and, like all others, the costs of this product can vary depending on what you choose, and this of course includes beer.

    While beer imported from other countries tastes good, it’s the local kinds that you should really seek out because, as mentioned before, they are widely distributed across every city of the country, which makes it really easy for you to obtain a bunch of this bottled drink.

Health Factor

3.      Health Factor

    While overconsumption of alcohol can spell disaster for your state of mind and body, you’d be surprised with how much beer can contribute to your health. Sure, you’d still be a bit intoxicated when you drink too much of this; but with its healthy contributions to your heart, brain, bones, digestion, and others, intoxication is surely the last subject on your mind.

    Plus, another great thing about this is that it actually helps you recover after a hard workout session. The benefits it has to your cardiovascular health can also help you endure a long and intense session at the gym – just try not to drink it before or during your workout.


4.    Flavor-wise

    As mentioned before, beer is known for its different flavors that everyone can enjoy. In the Philippines, there are different kinds of beer that one can simply indulge in. People even have the option to enjoy a bottle or two by themselves or with their friends.

    Beer is also not only for those people, who want to indulge; it can also be for those that are health-conscious. This is true because a lot of beer brands nowadays offer a variant with zero-calorie (or light beer). This is so they can enjoy drinking their favorite refreshment without feeling guilty about it.

Quantity and Quality

5.    Quantity and Quality

    Although drinking too much of this can be bad for you, depending on the alcohol content, you can actually have as much as you want. Beer can be produced in massive quantities, all for the enjoyment of beer-lovers everywhere. Just be cautious with the amount you drink to avoid any nasty side effects. The great thing about this is that the quality never changes no matter how it is presented. As long as your taste buds are open, you’ll surely be satisfied.

Key Takeaway

    With beer, there’s always a silver lining in every sip. No matter what you choose, you will surely receive the same level of satisfaction. So, if you’re still wondering if you should drink beer, just remember what is written here.

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