Gentlemen. These are the kinds of people that definitely relish in anything luxury and anything else they offer. Not only that, they also do so with so much gusto and style. Who wouldn’t want to sit down in their favorite chair and just have a cigar/cigarette on one hand and a drink on the other? Of course, what drink to gentlemen go for at times of utter relaxation in the most ‘suave’ way possible? Cognac — a full glass of it at that!

Cognac is one of the most recognizable names in the liquor industry. Its intensity in flavor, as well as its signature golden brown, making it a sight to behold in a glass! All that’s needed is a leather chair, a collection of books, and pretty much an entire man-cave dedicated to the gentleman of the year!

Of course, cognac is also one of the many drinks in the world of alcohol that is so rich in history as it is in taste and variety. For instance, the history of cognac can stretch a lot of ways back to the 16th century; cognac can also come in different varieties, especially in age lengths; plus, cognac is also one of the many drinks that come equipped with a whole lot of fun facts you can learn every day, making this drink a lot more educational with every sip! Nonetheless, a nice glass of cognac in your hand can definitely spell a good night ahead with your fellow gentlemen friends!

Want to know just how much cognac can bring to the table? Here are some of the best things you can learn about this luxurious and extravagant drink!

  • Napoleon Bonaparte Was a Huge Fan of Cognac
    Since we’re on the subject of gentlemen being star-crossed lovers with cognac, there is none more recognizable in history itself than this French ruler: Napoleon Bonaparte. When he’s busy not participating in the French Revolution, he may be sitting in his favorite chair, just sipping on this beverage like there was no tomorrow! You may even say that Napoleon drank whiskey while on top of a horse! Either way, this historical icon really loved hos brandy.
  • Cognac is Actually “Burnt” Wine
    If you’re wondering how cognac is made, or what it exactly is, then you’re definitely in for a surprise. Essentially, cognac is actually “burnt” wine. The reason for that is simply because that the wine being used to create cognac is heated to a substantial temperature until the concentrated alcohol emerges.
  • It Can Take a Lot of Wine to Make Cognac
    Since wine is used to make cognac, it can also actually take a lot of it to make it. In fact, it can take as much as 10 liters of white wine to make just 1 liter of cognac. 10 liters! That can be a bit much for anyone to drink. Nonetheless, without it, cognac would not be enjoyed the same way and how it should be enjoyed.
  • Cognac is One of the Most Sought-After Liquors in the World
    Of course, we may have discussed this in previous paragraphs, but it can’t be denied that other liquors around the world can definitely have their work cut out for them. In fact, there was a bottle of cognac from as far as 1858 that sold for $156,760 last 2011! Now that’s something ‘age-worthy’ to note about cognac. Speaking of age…
  • Cognac does not Keep Aging
    Unlike most alcoholic drinks (particularly wine), cognac does not actually get better with age, making it one of the few alcoholic beverages with an expiration date. Nothing to fret, however, for as long as you store this drink in a cool, dark place, you’ll be able to keep the cognac you have as fresh as the day it was bottled. The freshness, of course, starts to decrease the moment you crack a bottle open to take a drink.
  • The Color of Cognac Changes as it Gets Older
    Still on the topic of age, it should also be noted that the older cognac gets, the more its color changes, or in this case darkens. Younger cognacs tend to be a bit lighter in color and older cognacs can take on a darker, amber-like hue. In any case, whether you like your cognac to be on the light or dark side, you’ll definitely enjoy a nice glass of cognac!
  • Key Takeaway

    These 6 fun facts about cognac are sure to entice anyone to enjoy a sip of this golden-amber beverage! In any case, the most important thing to consider about cognac is none other than finding the trusted name to deliver you the good stuff. Thus, who better to trust than the folks at Alcoline?

    Being one of the country’s biggest and known names when it comes to alcohol, Alcoline can be the greatest source that you can definitely rely on!

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