All Day Christmas Party and Manny Villar’s Birthday Celebration

Numerous All Day employees gathered together to celebrate the company’s Christmas party together with its owner’s birthday on December 12, 2018, at the Palazzo Verde in Las Piñas City. The Las Vegas themed Christmas party and birthday celebration was held in a glamorous and lush fashion. Everyone played the part, men were dressed in sleek tuxedos and the women dawned in fashionable dresses.

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There’s no other place to celebrate the birthday of a notable individual in the country and his company. The Palazzo Verde is an astonishing and breath-taking location in Las Piñas. The beautiful 1800s Italian-inspired estate filled with lush flora and intricate Italian and English ornaments was worthy to hold the celebration.

Friends, family, and All Day employees celebrated the wonderful feast with great food, lavish drinks, and a number of amazing performances. Manny Villar also gave a very inspiring speech and thanked everyone who works under his wing for the success of the company.

There was nothing more prominent in the event than the laughter and excitement that filled the air. The spirit of unity was felt through the joyous celebration. This was definitely a company Christmas party like no other.

Alcoline, in partnership with Hennessy, is proud to have sponsored such a great and successful event. The rapidly growing alcohol distributor and importer has never failed to deliver the best to clients.