Doc Ayong’s 60th Birthday Celebration

One of the most successful businessmen and veterinarian in the country and the father of the EDL group of companies, Doc Eulalio “Ayong” Lorenzo celebrated his 60th birthday on December 9, 2018, in 20s-style Great Gatsby fashion at the lavish nature farm and events venue, Estancia de Lorenzo in San Mateo, Rizal.

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Doc Ayong’s legacy has made a huge impact on Philippine agriculture. His business has elevated local agricultural standards and the lives of the many who work under his wing. His conglomerate is the first Filipino-owned company that ventured in the production of animal vaccines. Doc Ayong oversees seven companies that are involved in the distribution and marketing of veterinary products, dairy production, animal vaccine production, animal breeding, farm resort development, and the growth of organic food.

Doc Ayong has made his mark in the history of Philippine agriculture, now, he aims to diversify his field and take advantage of the rapidly increasing demand for healthy and organic food products. Before all of this, Doc Ayong started out as a construction worker to help fund his college. With aid from a scholarship from the Philippine Veterans Association, Doc Ayong was able to take up a degree in veterinary medicine at Gregorio Araneta University.

He graduated with the said degree in 1982 then he worked as a livestock inspector at the Bureau of Animal Industry. He then became a sales agent of veterinary medicine. After resigning from his post as a sales agent, he decided to start his own company. From then on, his hard work and determination are what catapulted him to success. Putting up East Asia Veterinary Products, Inc. and Excellence Poultry and Livestock Specialists, to name a few of his companies, he decided to utilize his background in sales and built a network of business partners. This was driven by his realization of the country’s needs in the agricultural industry.

Being a prominent and exalted individual in the industry, the glamorous great Gatsby-themed celebration for Doc Ayong’s 60th birthday was truly remarkable. Surrounded by his employees, friends, and family members. Known for his self-less personality, Doc Ayong delivered his birthday speech thanking all the attendees and telling them that this celebration is for them. The fun and fantastic celebration sponsored by alcohol distributor Alcoline in partnership with Remy Martin and Hennessy had dance numbers, raffles, and musical presentations. Even the birthday celebrant himself sang. The night was spectacular and grand. Doc Ayong’s 60th birthday was a night to remember.