IX International Wine Business Meetings 2018

The International Wine Business Meetings is one of the most prestigious wine seminars in the world. Held twice a year, alcohol importers and wineries from all around the globe gather in Lleida, Spain, where producers of Spanish wines show the quality of their products to selected importers. Out of the many alcohol distributors in the Philippines, only eight were chosen to participate in the IX International Wine Business Meetings; this 2018, Alcoline was chosen to be one of them.

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Last February 19 to 23, the Lleida Chamber of Commerce (Cambra de Comerç de Lleida)—with the collaboration of Acció, Prodeca, GlobaLleida, and the Lleida Regional Council—held the IX International Wine Business Meetings at La Llotja Congress Palace in Lleida. Up to this date, over 200 wineries from Spanish regions have taken part of the event, with an average of 25 wineries from around 20 origin denominations.

In the previous years, importers from countries such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea took part in the event. This year, with the collaboration of Acció in Singapore and India, the Lleida Chamber of Commerce designed a program consisted of business meetings and tastings with wine importers from Sri Lanka and the Philippines—one of which was Alcoline Corporation. The event aimed to create good relationships between wine producers and importers and to promote Spanish wine imports in the Philippines and in Sri Lanka.

The seminar kickstarted with a welcome meeting last February 18, at Hotel Zenit Lleida. The event followed a schedule of a series of business and private meetings between representatives from different wineries and importers with a welcome dinner on the first day. Some of the wineries that participated were: Clos Pons, Castell del Remei, Grandes Vinos, Bodegas Vinicola Real, and Alta Alella.

To know more about how the event transpired, check out this link and jump to 12:10 for Alcoline’s segment.

Alcoline has found success as one of the top alcohol distributors in the Philippines, but it doesn’t end there. The company has begun to expand their business into the importing industry.

Alcoline will continue to grow as both an alcohol distributor and an importer, providing top-notch services to both local and international clients. Now that it has been recognized as a globally competent brand, Alcoline will continue servicing all of its clients in the best way possible, and like fine wine, will grow better over time.