Phoenix National Convention

On December 4 to 5, thousands of Phoenix Petroleum employees, dealers, partners, suppliers, and guests from all over the country have gathered at the Marriott Hotel’s plush Grand Ballroom to celebrate the first ever Phoenix National Convention. Titled Phoenix X Factor Night, the glamorous event celebrates the hard work and dedication of the highly motivated employees who went through workshops and discussions about the business. Without them, the company would not have achieved the success that they have garnered in the year 2018.

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The exponential business growth of Phoenix Petroleum in 2018 has propelled the company into achieving greater heights. They’re one of the Philippine’s fastest-growing companies and to no surprise, with great working culture and devoted employees, Phoenix Petroleum has exceeded their expectations by miles. “After a very successful year”, said the President and CEO of the company, Mr. Dennis Uy, “Phoenix Petroleum is now looking forward to 2019 with bigger, bolder, and better moves for our company.” Phoenix Petroleum will continue to strengthen their retail network, open new business lines, and enter new partnerships-taking, according to Mr. Uy.

Mr. Henry Albert Fadullon, the new CEO of the company opened the night by addressing the employees and customers, thanking everyone for being key players in the company’s success. His inspiring words resonated within the hearts of the teams and partners of Phoenix Petroleum.

The event was nothing short of exemplary. Stunning dance performances and splendid musical enactments entertained the guests of the event. Everyone was overjoyed when the star-studded singer, songwriter, actress, and the latest brand ambassador for the new Phoenix SUPER LPG, Ms. Sarah Geronimo stole the spotlight on stage with her musical performance. The dazzling event was organized by their award-winning brand and marketing group led by Assistant Vice President Celina Matias in partnership with Ms. Minda Barrion Dimarucut and Mr. Marc Salboro.

2018 is a year for everyone at Phoenix Petroleum to remember. From the first half of the year 2018, they have seen the biggest growth in the company. With soaring revenues and sales, the year seemed to have no downsides for Phoenix Petroleum. This could not have been done without the coordination of every member and partners of the company. With Alcoline as the official alcohol distributor in partnership with Imperial Blue of Pernod-Ricard, this was indeed a glorious night dedicated to those who have aided the company in reaching their goals.