Sta. Elena 2018 Ambassador’s Cup

The widespread greens of the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club has opened itself once again for the Sta. Elena 2018 Ambassador’s Cup. Golf enthusiasts and hardcore veterans set foot on the sprawling course last December 9, 2018.

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This exclusive golf club is renowned by many as the most beautiful and the best golf course in the Philippines. The event was filled with smiles and laughter, with everyone sharing and talking about their techniques and styles. The competition was fierce and all the participants showed off their peerless form and determination to win.

A few eagles and birdies were experienced on the greens of the beautiful course of the Sta. Elena Gold and Country Club. Many swung their way to achieving remarkable points and impressive plays. With the best golf course as their playing ground, everyone put their best foot forward.

After the tournament, the winners were given awards and a celebration was held at the grounds of the clubhouse. The exclusivity gave rise to the luxurious feel of the event. The participants enjoyed casual conversations over a few glasses of liquor and the delicious food of the clubhouse.

Alcoline, one of the sponsors of this exclusive sporting event was partnered with Pernod Ricard. Alcoline is one of the fastest growing alcohol distributors and importers in the Philippines. Alcoline will continue to provide nothing but the best quality service to all clients.