When it comes to the most well-known alcoholic drink on every Filipino’s table, it would have to be none other than gin. Gin is one of the best drinks to enjoy when you’re looking for something a bit more subtle and harmless with every sip. Plus, it looks like water — so it has to be safe to enjoy right? Well, it certainly is!

Gin is also one of the most available liquors around the Philippines! Not only can you find this drink in any supermarket around the country, you can also find them in pretty much any sari-sari store anywhere. Not only that, gin is also one of the best examples to consider when you want to put your inner bartender to the test! Nowadays, people love creating new things, especially with alcohol. With gin, any bartender and bartender-in-skill can definitely get the most out of this awesome, transparent beverage!

What makes gin all the more worthwhile is that there are more and more things to learn about! Want to get your alcoholic education on? Here are some fun facts you can learn about your very friendly glass (or bottle) of gin!

  • Gin is Usually Used for Cocktails
    In the Philippines, gin can be usually seen on the table for any group of friends’ drinking sessions, being drunk on its own. However, what many don’t really know is that gin is usually used for cocktail mixing and not drunk on its own. Not that it means that it tastes bad, it just makes the most out of the subtle taste of gin.
  • Gin Originates from Holland
    When it comes to the history and origins of gin, many would say that the English were the ones who pioneered the beverage. In fact, many gins around the world hail from the UK. What many don’t know about this is that the English merely discovered gin when they were fighting the 30-year war back in the 17th century in Holland. Dutch soldiers during that time would drink gin, back then known as jenever, before heading into battle in order to boost their solder’s morale. For the English, it would take another century and a half for them to develop their own version of the beverage.
  • The Philippines is a Huge Fan of Gin
    If we’re going to discuss about the one country that consumes the most gin in their drinking sessions, it would be none other than the Philippines! Filipinos definitely love their alcohol, and when it comes to gin, it depends on what they’re actually craving for. Whether Filipinos drink gin on its own, or mix it with other ingredients to make one super-gin drink, there is definitely no argument that Filipinos love their gin!
  • Gin Has Medicinal Properties
    Want one more reason to love gin? It contains some medicinal value for everyone who wishes to use gin for other purposes. Drinking more of it (intoxication aside), it can actually help reduce the chances of sea-sickness, as well as combat malaria.
  • You Can Make Gin on Your Own
    Gin is actually regarded as flavored gin (more on that later) — which actually leaves room for you to enjoy it even more by making this on your own! Since it mainly involves infusing, there are numerous ingredients you can use to make your own gin, making this drink even hotter on everyone’s lists!
  • Gin is Actually Flavored Vodka
    As mentioned before. Since gin is one of the main ingredients in any cocktail there is, all it takes to make gin is like flavoring vodka, by simply infusing other ingredients into the concoction. That way, you’ll have something new on your hands and taste something new with every sip!
  • Martinis from Gin
    As mentioned before, gin can make a really good main ingredient for most cocktails in any bar menu there is, particularly (and most definitely) martinis! Martinis are some of the most extravagant drinks to ever make it into anyone’s hearts, especially when it was made famous by one certain MI6 secret agent. Whether it be shaken or stirred, martinis wouldn’t be on the menu today without the wonders of gin!
  • Gin Can Be Mixed with a Lot of Ingredients
    Of course, gin is definitely known for being one of the main sources of many delicious cocktails in the bar! When it comes to handling each and every ingredient, it can range from something as simple as fruits to something more complex as other alcoholic beverages. Either way, put your mind to the test and let your creativity shine!
  • Key Takeaway

    These 8 fun facts about gin are definitely the bee’s knees for alcohol! Of course, if you’re looking for someone to deliver anything gin for you, the folks over at Alcoline will definitely do so!

    Alcoline is one of the most trusted names in the alcohol industry. With any drink you have in mind, it’s no doubt that Alcoline will surely guarantee a stellar service!

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