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Our Experience with SEO in the Philippines

SEO has been on our radar for quite a while even before we partnered with SEO Hacker. In the Philippines, SEO is not a hard thing to find. But we aim to be the best in the country and we want our SEO provider to be one of the best as well. We met with numerous SEO agencies before deciding to partner with SEO Hacker, an SEO Company here in the Philippines by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si, and the rest, as they say, is history.


During 1996, when Alcoline was established, we had a vision that we will cater to all the top business’ alcohol needs and we’re slowly reaching that vision through sheer dedication and hard work. Right now, we’ve now reached different shores – having different branches in another major island of the Philippines. But this still begs the question:


Who is Alcoline?

We are currently an alcoholic drinks supplier based in Metro Manila that primarily caters to businesses like supermarkets, convenience stores, catering companies, and law & accounting firms, or any other business that need top-notch, quality alcoholic drinks.


However, this was not always the case. We started out as a retail shop that only catered to walk-in customers and a variety of bars that were located near our area. But after quickly finding success within a year of opening our doors, we opted to become a sole proprietorship. This quickly enabled us to open the very first wine shop in Pasay which functioned mostly the same with what we did on our first store, but this one specialized in catering the best wines possible to our customers.


With dedication and hard work, Alcoline grew as the Metro’s foremost place to get the highest quality liquor and alcoholic products. As our list of clientele grew proportional to the growth of our company, we branched out and started supplying a variety of supermarkets and hotels with alcoholic beverages that catered to the public’s taste. Afterward, we aimed to reach an even wider market to coincide with the expansion of our operations. This is why we opened new branches in Quezon City, Makati, and Manila.


A decade after our opening, we finally decided to change our strategy. To cater to a wider market, we closed our door off on serving walk-in customers and, instead, we focused on becoming the supplier of businesses that needed alcoholic products such as supermarkets, catering companies, firms, and stores.


To keep it simple, the trend of expanding and growing still continues up to today. Alcoline now has its main office established in the city of Makati and we also now serve clients in different provinces such as Bicol, Cavite, Baguio, Pampanga, Batangas, and we even reached other shores like Cebu City in the Visayan region of the Philippines. We were also successful in partnering with Tiger Beer, a famous lager beer brand in Singapore which resulted in Alcoline being the sole distributor of this iconic alcoholic beverage in the entirety of the Philippines. Of course, this isn’t the end of our story. We are still far from our aim of being the number one choice of all businesses as their alcoholic beverage supplier. But we will not be deterred since we were founded through hard work and dedication, and we don’t plan on forgetting those values.


Why We Decided to Invest in SEO in the Philippines

Along with our constant expansion, we saw the immense potential of the digital market. We needed a partner that would not only assist us in the creation of our online presence (website), but ensure that we would be the ones that the users went to for their supply of alcoholic beverages. We researched a lot about SEO in the Philippines and which of the (many) SEO agencies can help us achieve our goal. We finally decided to meet with the SEO Hacker team since they were the ones that always showed up in the search results. After a few meetings, we decided to put our trust in SEO Hacker and in the capabilities of agencies that specialize in SEO here in the Philippines.


SEO Hacker was the team that made our website and optimized it for keywords that we wanted to be known for. Our partnership started in early 2017 and we are still partners up to today. Here’s a look at the improvement of the keywords we wanted to be known for:


Keyword Rank at Starting Date Present Rank
Liquor Philippines Not in Top 500 11th
Jack Daniels Philippines Not in Top 500 5th
Alcohol Distributor Not in Top 500 3rd
Wines and Spirits Philippines Not in Top 500 1st
Alcohol Philippines Not in Top 500 1st
Premium Wines and Liquors Philippines Not in Top 500 5th
Alcohol Supplier Philippines Not in Top 500 1st
Whiskey Philippines Not in Top 500 7th


These are the results of SEO Hacker’s continuous efforts on our site. We couldn’t be happier and we are proud to be digitally empowered. Based on our experience, in the Philippines, SEO is a must-have for the companies that want to double their growth potential since everyone is steadily moving toward a digital-centric lifestyle and we want to be the forerunners when that happens. We believe that with our partnership with SEO Hacker, our digital growth can still be improved and we could be the ones that users go to for their alcoholic supplies.

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