Belvedere (Vodka)


Vodka, one of the smoothest alcoholic beverages, has been appropriately ingrained in the liquor family, embraced all over the world—regardless of race, culture, and even geography. This winter climate beverage is a liquid beauty to be indulged in even in the most humid of tropics.

It is a staple for a wide range of drinkers across all ages and backgrounds. Each country has their own version or variation of vodka, with their own version of the drink’s main alcoholic principles. The astoundingly rich history of vodka is of Slavic roots. Dating back to the 1400s, the word vodka traces back to historical lubok manuscripts. In its etymology, vodka is synonymous with the word ‘water.’

In terms of vodka ‘types,’ there is mainly a distinctive dichotomy of whether flavored or unflavored.

Flavored vodkas are usually identified in the distinctness of each of their aromas. A kaleidoscope selection of fruit flavorings has made their way to having their own vodka blend—even coffee and chocolate flavors have found a way to be incorporated into this drink.

Unflavored vodkas are strong in their flavored neutrality and are characterized by their degrees, brands, or pureness. Although subtle fruitiness can still be instilled in these drinks, each texture is most evident in terms of their elemental smoothness.

When it comes to the root base, vodka can also be primarily extracted from a variety of source ingredients such as rice, fruits, potatoes, and wheat. Production technology for vodka manufacturing has drastically advanced throughout the years with the rise of numerously intricate pieces of specified machinery, however, whether DIY or professional, the main process of Vodka production remains the same; it mainly only differs in the filtration techniques. Generally speaking, the alcohol content of vodka is at an average of about 40%, although there are some blends that go up to 80%.

In spite of originating and evolving from a purely European Heritage, the drink’s diversity has made a name for itself in each corner of the global sphere. Whether you are in the fast paced heart of an urban center or the serene tranquility of nature’s caress in provincial landscapes, vodka has a place in each and every drinker’s heart. You may not even be aware, but many of your favorite cocktails or mixed drinks have slight traces of vodka just to give that extra creative panache to the bartender’s artisan expression of liquor.

Here are some of the staple brands of vodka, available and blissfully enjoyed around the world:

  • Absolut Blue first hit the Swedish market in 1879. The iconic distillation process gives its wheat base a unique burning, almost spicy sensation, and does not contain any sugar. This premium vodka is one of the giants in the international spirit exchange; its purity is wonderfully contrasted with a rich, full-texture that overall goes down with a soothing mellowness.
  • Absolut Kurant is named after a Swedish berry of which the drink’s distinct flavor is based. This vodka’s natural ingredients give it a tart-like and a very fruity zing that excite the taste buds. Its natural form is maintained due to the use of minimal fertilizers in the production process—the reliance on black currants is an imperative ingredient in the overall magic.
  • Belvedere is a Polish spirit distilled in Zyrardow; it is founded in 1996. Although manufactured around the outskirts of Warsaw, its flavoring is infused in the South of France. The spirit exudes its playful flavor by being soaked in fruit peels. Finally, it is important to note that Belvedere vodkas take their final form in Alembic pots.
  • Grey Goose has an incomparable essence of craftsmanship and displays of skillful judgment with its high quality ingredients. The signature flavors of Grey Goose are born from the fertility of the Northern Regions of France; it utilizes the exact same types of wheat used as ingredients in only the finest of French breads and pastries.
  • Russian Standard has a rich cultural heritage attached to its name—the brilliance reflecting zeniths of Russian Empires. Art and science blended at such a miraculous convergence of taste and passion. This vodka’s unrivaled purity is taken and sourced directly from the glacial water of St. Petersburg, and finally finished with the finest Winter Wheat found in the northern regions.
  • Smirnoff Red originates from New Zealand and is an everyday staple; a go-to vodka for highbrow cocktail mixtures as well as a general utility drink. This vodka is filtered up to 10 times, which gives it its well-known purity and clear texture; its triple distillation flows through an indescribable smoothness.
  • Stolichnaya Red is the trademark pioneer in red-label export liquors. The icy waters of glacial sources are distilled up to 4 times and triple filtered with charcoal in order to exude that classic velvety characteristic surrounding the apt smoothness that calms, yet at the same time excites the nerves.

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